TD42 service

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TD42 service

Post by davejones » 14 Dec 2016 00:07

Just a quick (it's actually rather long) post for those interested.

Having been in Lagos for most of the last 3 years, I have not spent much time on the patrol, despite a number of annoyances I wanted sorted out, mostly engine temps running high, in particular driving on the freeway and just a sense the turbo set up was not correct (have always driven with a madman, never had EGT issues, but car felt constipated, again mostly on the highway, and in particular on hot days).

Haven't spent a lot of time on the forum either during this period, but one day I log in and I see Michael's TD42 thread, and start getting the idea, maybe here's someone who knows a thing or two about the TD42 and how to set it up right, better at the least, I wonder if I can send my patrol for some work. After all, after so long I want to do a roadtrip in December, but I am not driving long distance unless I am happy I can look at the road more than the madman.

When it comes to addressing my patrol worries, did i mention there's this crazy guy on the forum, Tinus, who won't stop going on about making turbo power for the 4.2 diesels, and his probably equally crazy side kick cedric ?? :rolling: :rolling: Honestly though, Michael's work on Tinus's bakkie made more even more curious.

Michael was happy to take a look at the Patrol - on a trip to SA i was able to drop it off in early October and he methodically worked on it and held onto the patrol until i was back in SA again, 6 weeks later.

Long story short (it's difficult to post short after so long!), I have the following feedback:
1. Did quite a bit of work, injector pump recon and timing, installed boost compensator, 3 inch exhaust (a few members have heard it!), boost and fuelling adjustment and a lot of test drives.
2. I did not get to drive more than Rooihuskraal to JHB and then around the suburbs for a few days, but the drive is transformed. So important to get the set up right

Too earlier to tell how the water and oil temps are, but radiator system in flushed, and (probably most importantly), my IPF spots are off. With bulbar, winch, bashplate, front mounted intercooler, think the biggest culprit was lack of airflow to the aluminium radiator. Anyhow, I plan to be Graaf Reinet next week Monday .... think the temp system will get a good test!!
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Also wanted to thank Michael - his constant interaction over whatsapp while I was in Lagos was awesome - nothing like being carried along for the work that goes on, understanding the why and the how. Thanks for also going the extra mile sorting the tires, alternator, wheel bearings etc. Also Tinus for keeping in touch and offering to help out whereever he could while I was out of country. :thumbup: This forum really is valuable in many ways :salute:

More feedback to come once I have done the roadtrip!
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Re: TD42 service

Post by Tinus lotz » 14 Dec 2016 06:08

Nice Dave must injoy your koolstoof now ....its making some nice power . When you are back next year we must do a trip or two like the river trip :salute:

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Re: TD42 service

Post by Michael » 14 Dec 2016 07:00

Dave, It's only a pleasure and please keep us posted on your Patrol and how the temps were on your trip
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