Lubricants replacement for GQ

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Lubricants replacement for GQ

Post by Jules » 13 Jan 2015 11:47

Good morning all

Time for oil change, diff oil change, gearbox oil change, transfer case oil change.

Currently I am on 290 125km , my last diff and gearbox change was on 195 000km I might have had gearbox changed about 50000km ago but I need to confirm

Engine Oil = I have been using Castrol Magnetec now for many changes so I will stick to that ( semi synthetic )
Diff Oil = recommended API GL 5 SAE 80W90
Transfer = recommended Dexron 11 ATF
Gearbox = recommended API GL 4 or GL5 SAE 80W or 90W gear oil

These recommended are per Haynes book , any other recommended and used with great success will be appreciated

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Re: Lubricants replacement for GQ

Post by Tinus lotz » 13 Jan 2015 14:15

Klink omtrent reg vir my ...maak net seker van die ratkas spec ...p c en gerrit het een probeer maar nie lekke gewerk nie

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Re: Lubricants replacement for GQ

Post by stobi_de » 13 Jan 2015 15:54

Sorry, I do not speak Afrikaans.
maybe you take a look to the LIQUI MOlI oil guide (Castrol and other companies have a similar oil guide system) ... guide.html

The Nissan PATROL GQ is called here Patrol Y60


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Re: Lubricants replacement for GQ

Post by Peter Connan » 13 Jan 2015 18:38

According to Nissan workshop manual, the following is recommended:

Transfer case, manual gearbox and steering gear: API GL4 (but I have been using ATF in my steering system). AFAIK, ATF in the transfer case was never recommended by Nissan for the Y60, only for the Y61, but on the other hand it's supposed to be the same transfer case... I think if you have manual hubs, you don't need ATF in the transfer case, but I would recommend checking what's in there now and using the same, as changing could cause problems.

I would also recommend mineral rather than synthetic for the gearbox, as the synchromesh doesn't seem to handle the synthetic oils well.

Diff: API GL5 unless it has limited slip diff.

There are charts for to determine the viscosity depending on the temperatures the vehicle will be used in. For the engine, 20W50 is good for -10 to 40 C

For transmittion, 75W90 or 80W90 is good for anything below 40C, at higher temperatures 140 is recomended but can only be used above 0 degrees C.

Hope that helps?
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