Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Please tell us about yourself :-)
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Full Name: Tommie Watkins
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Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by TommieGQ »

Hi All. Thanks for the acceptance. Hope to see you all on trips and around the fire.

1. Name: Full Name Tommie Watkins jnr (TommieGQ)

2. Birthday and Age: 4 June (23 years)

3. Town and Country of residence: Kathu, Northern Cape

4. Home Language: Afrikaans

5. Occupation/Business: Safety and Training Manager

6. Family status: Married

7. Membership - Other 4X4 Clubs and Forums: none

8. Current 4x4: Nissan Patrol GQ 4.2D

9. Current Mods: In Progress

10. Mods on wish list: Turbo

11. Vehicle on wish list: Already have a Patrol thank you :blonde:

12. Previous 4x4's: None

13. Last 3 offroad or overland destinations: Boegoeberg dam

14. Your favourite destination: Boegoeberg dam

15. Other hobbies: Fishing and Golf

16. GPSr and Map Data used: None

17. Rate your 4X4 and overlanding experience: Novice :helpsign:

18. Online Photo Site: Instagram

19. Photos of you and your Vehicle: Please see attached :woo:
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Full Name: Dirk de Clerk
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by offroadbiker »

Welcome :thumbup:
1996 Nissan Patrol 4.2 ST

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Full Name: Tijmen van der Steenhoven
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by TijmenvdS »

Welcome here, really like the colour of your GQ. Too bad you missed the dunes trip a few weeks ago at Boegoeberg.
Remember to keep us posted on mods and pics :blonde:
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Full Name: JP Viviers
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by hugejp »

Welcome boet!

Good looking GQ!

You CAN with a NISSAN!

Jy KAN met 'n DATSUN!

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Full Name: Rhett van der Stelt
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by Rhett »

Welcome to the family!
Rhett ... XUyixKJavQ

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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by David M »

Welkom klein Tommie

How I wish I had bought my first Patrol at 23.... And I would probably still be driving it.
There are still places out there!!!! - Daniel Goz - The "Tapam" movie

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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by Wilkie »

Welkom Tommie )JNR( :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by Dustin »

Welcome :thumbup:
I think the GQ needs a hair dryer soon, and then you'll be TurboTommieGQ :rolling:
Life's too short to keep it stock !
a.k.a. Datsun Dustin

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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by ricster »

Welcome Tommie, Very nice TD42 Patrol !!!

And welcome to the Diesel power brotherhood.....hahaha... May you smoke the petrolheads out for many many years to come.... :rolling: :rolling:
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Post by Bre »

Welkom Tommie, mooi wa daar :thumbup:

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