Arc Welding with your car battery

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Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by Michael » 05 Jun 2017 07:52


I think at some point most people will somewhere in the middle of nowhere when you are far from everyone and everything need a welder.

Now many have welded with batteries before, but I don't think it's something we really think about.
In this video, all you need is a vice grip (to hold the electrode), jumper cables, welding helmet (think there are small ones available for traveling) and a couple of welding electrodes. This guy has connected two batteries in series, but not 100% sure what difference the 24v vs 12v will make as the Amp output stays the same?

Interesting none the less
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Re: Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by Anthony Forgey » 05 Jun 2017 07:58

Just remember that you use the -ive to weld with and the +ive as earth. Works like a bomb.
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Re: Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by Chris Skinner » 05 Jun 2017 09:53

Very interesting - I been meaning to try this for some time. Originally when I looked into this I think they proposed 3 x 12v batteries as 36v is better to weld with than 24 - we don't always have 3 batteries available but when more than one vehicle present there should be no problem.
Ive also heard of guys welding with blou draad or even coat hanger wire - but I think that requires additional skills...
Anyone with experience in this field can maybe comment??

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Re: Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by davidvdm » 05 Jun 2017 11:06

I messed about with it briefly when I scored a few old truck batteries. 36V is definitely easier than 24V. but that in theory gives you around 120Amp (depending on the battery), so be careful of too much juice and burning holes. Negative stick is the way to go, as mentioned before. Don't expect the welds to look as good as your inverter welder, but it can save the day when you are stuck out in the sticks with a broken "something". I saw a video the other day where someone broke the main leaf of his spring pack. He welded the top and second leafs together with a around a 10cm weld on both sides. Got him off the trail and back to civilization.
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Re: Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by Tinus lotz » 05 Jun 2017 11:17

I have welded pleanty with blou draad and n gas flame :mytwocents:

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Re: Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by Dewald » 05 Jun 2017 11:20

My neef het n klompie jare terug n ding gekoop by nampo wat mens op n batery koppel , sê maar dit is amper soos n sweis tang wat jy vashou maar hy het n plek waar jy n koolstof staaf vas knyp. Daar is dan n punt waarna die koolstof staaf "arc", hy maak n konstante arc wat die staal smelt en dan gebruik jy rods om mee te "sweis".
So dis eintlik n braizing ding, baie handig vir nood. Ons het nogal laas week oor die ding gepraat, hy sê dit lyk of die ding voete gekry het.

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Re: Arc Welding with your car battery

Post by Peter Connan » 05 Jun 2017 17:31

My biggest concern is the jumper leads.

I think those things Chris Skinner made up will work, but I would be very worried that my Midas-type made-in-Chana's will melt in my hands.

A few years ago, we were travelling through Botswana and a buddie's roof rack needed some stroonger feet. We found a guy in Maun to do the job. That was quite an instructive session.

The guy's whole workshop consisted of four tools: An old beat-up welding machine, a pair of pliers, a broken knife and an angle grinder.

His earth cable was in two pieces, and there were no clamps. He simply put the ends on top of each other, then put a rock on the joint. Did the same for the earth connection to the job. The welding rod was held with the pliers, held in a rag, and instead of a welding helmet he only used the darkened glass from one.

Despite that, his welding was better than any weld I have ever made!
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