Bluetooth Streaming

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Bluetooth Streaming

Post by On the move » 14 Mar 2017 08:45

Good Morning. Instead of replacing the OEM radio and CD/tape deck system, has anyone tried to connect up a bluetooth system to the vehicle in order to achieve this, as well as using it as a phone kit. Thanks. Chris

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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by Tinus lotz » 14 Mar 2017 09:40

Iam following this one.....

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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by iandvl » 14 Mar 2017 09:52

I am not an audiophile, and I'm also not familiar with the stock Nissan radio (my Patrol had an aftermarket in when I received it). So I'm unsure what inputs / outputs the radio will have.

I see two potential options.

1: Using an FM modulator for streaming bluetooth. This is a device for which you preset an FM frequency. It transmits low power FM at the frequency, and then you will be able to tune your factory radio into this frequency.
2: Using a bluetooth audio receiver. This is a bluetooth module which connects directly to the auxiliary input of your radio (assuming the OEM radio has auxiliary inputs - but I am sure it would have).

Both should allow you to receive telephone calls over the car radio (ie: the call should play over the vehicle speakers), but the FM modulator will require the use of the phone's microphone.

Make sure that the audio receiver you chose also has a microphone. Examples of these are: ... MeeuyGGP0o and ... w_Mic.html

A final note: these require the device to be plugged into the auxiliary port on the radio. However, most radios would have auxiliary ports on both front and back. I assume it would be relatively easy to fit the device somewhere where it is close enough to the driver for the mic to be effective, and also somewhere discreet (so that you don't have a thing sticking out of your radio the whole time).

I'm sure Christo would have more appealing options, but as I said in the beginning - I'm not an audiophile, and I am partly deaf in any case :rolling: :rolling:

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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by Rhett » 14 Mar 2017 10:12

Hi Chris

When I got my Patrol, it came with a Parrot hands free kit. It is quite a high end one from what I can see.

It has a screen mounted to the dash, a remote control mounted next to the gear stick, and various inputs installed in the glove box.

It has bluetooth and streams very well, has USB, ipod and aux inputs as well as a slot for an SD card. It overrides the radio if a call comes in, somehow :think: which is also great. Basically a great all-round system. It accesses your phone book on your phone, and has a voice command system too.

I can get the model name if you are interested
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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by AndriesS » 14 Mar 2017 10:48

My personal experience 5 cents not with patrol radio, but with Volvo , new mMnis, MBs etc. I've used bluetooth, RCA, FM, CANBus etc

FM systems are poor, I've had cheapies and high end Kenwood FM units, same problem - somewhere you drive through an area where there is a radio transmitter that is close to your selected frequency and your sound goes for a loop. In theory the better ones will disconnected the aerial while it's on to limit interference. Our soundwaves are not clean in SA.

A Jippo option if you have a separate CD changer is simply wire into the audio lines of the changer to the head unit and add a bluetooth receiver and plug in into there. Generally even auxiliary plugs setup performance is below par. Problem with all these options is interference and impedance matching .

I bought a Sony unit about 7 years ago, back then it was 2k5, and I could play usb sticks, control my ipod via the usb either by radio or on the ipod itself, connect my bb or iphone via bluetooth and call and play music. I fitted it in the Patrol and of the typical mods (bumpers, sliders etc) this is the mod I use 99.9% of the time .

I have better sound than 90% of the typical adapters and less issues . I don't have steering wheel buttons (have GL)

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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by On the move » 14 Mar 2017 20:30

Hi guys. Thanks for the help. I like Rhetts option at this stage. Gonna hang on for a few more days mulling this one over and then I'll make a decision.

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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by JohnBoyZA » 23 Apr 2017 08:25

I gave my trol a 10 year birthday present and installed a Pioneer X5850BT (Makro online special) - the bluetooth works fab for streaming. But probably not the answer you're looking for.
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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by biggles » 23 Apr 2017 10:11

Parrot is the quick and easy way to go with the least hassles. They are very well "made".

But in the long run you are best to turf the whole OEM unit and go for a good sony/ pioneer system and while you are at it turf the speakers too. It really makes the world of difference have good sound. You will be surprised how a constant fuzz on the sound system actually tires you on a long trip. The FM system will always have a slight grey noise background.
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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by ricster » 24 Apr 2017 09:52

Yeah I can vouch for changing the speakers !! I turfed my old ones out a good few years back and replaced them with a Kicker split system..... What a world of difference !!!!
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Re: Bluetooth Streaming

Post by David M » 24 Apr 2017 16:04

Most of the modern head units have Bluetooth functionality so the money saved on the Parrot can be used for speakers.... And amplifiers :woo: and subs :woo: :woo:

System I used in the Firetruck;

Audiobank head unit with Bluetooth, SD, USB, CD/DVD, radio with DVD screen that can be used for reverse camera and extra screen outputs - R 1 300
Audiobank slimline sub with integrated 2 channel amp - R 1 900
Set of JBL splits R 1 100

And the main thing is not to scimp on the wiring and cabling - use overkill and do not run RCA's or speaker cables next to power cables...
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