Patrol stuck in Park mode

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Re: Patrol stuck in Park mode

Post by bogeyman » 08 Mar 2017 07:55

I had the same issue with my 4.8 this morning.
Went to fetch one of my site caravans in Johannesburg.
Hitched the caravan and then stuck in park.

Some foul language and then checked the brake light fuse. It was blown by faulty trailer wiring.

New fuse and all is well again.

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Re: Patrol stuck in Park mode

Post by biggles » 08 Mar 2017 08:23

This is a different case but maybe worth mentioning.

I have a rather difficult drive way and the afdak for the caravan on on the side up against a wall. Drive way is steep and I have a sharp turn to get the caravan in place. A tree and some low walls complicate things. I can if I am lucky reverse the caravan in to position or I have some eye bolts and chain to hook up a snatch block and winch it into place if I don't get it reversed in first go. Anyway last time I managed to reverse the caravan up. Low-range and diff-locked. I as a rule only try that once because of the strain it places on the drive train. Got the caravan in place. Placed it in park and unhitched the caravan. When I went to drive the Patrol out it would not come out of Park. General panick stations and I got even more worried when the shift lock would not release the leaver either. It dawned on me that the transmission was all twisted up and I released everything by getting the transfer-case into neutral. Everything came free and I was off.
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Re: Patrol stuck in Park mode

Post by Clem » 08 Mar 2017 12:37

Very useful to know!

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