ZD30 Head Gasket

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ZD30 Head Gasket

Post by Unkredible »

Can anyone recommend a reliable workshop to replace a head gasket on a hand grenade?
Vehicle has had numerous issues since SAC rebuild, most of which I corrected myself after numerous failed attempts to have them done properly. Engine started blowing water out of coolant filler bottle and Silvertons diagnosed head gasket / cracked head...
Troll has been standing for 6 months while I figure out my next move...
Any suggestions would be most welcome
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Re: ZD30 Head Gasket

Post by ricster »

Unfortunately, but in my opinion, bite the bullet and buy a genuine Nissan head gasket. For the head, up your side of the world, I don't know anyone. However there is a guy in Alberton who sorted out my 4.2 diesel head for me, and all is well on my motor. The company is called Engine Rebuild Center ( 011 907 9476 ) Speak to Willem ( owner ) and tell him Cedric referred you, and he will look after you.

You can take him the head with everything in and he will do a pressure test to see if the head does in fact have a crack. He also won't bullshhhhhh you.

Something to be aware of, but I am not sure if the same applies to a 3.0 motor, but on the 4.2 motor it is SUPER important that the sleeves are either PERFECTLY flush or protrude the height of the block by a fraction of a mm. If not the head gasket rings don't seal properly and with the huge compression of a diesel motor you will get blowby, which could be what is happening with your motor.

Have a read through this...... Its a bit long but this specific post by Frans ( Touir de Frans ) mentions the protrusion. This man knows his stuff with diesels and specifically the Patrol diesels !!!

viewtopic.php?f=44&t=1266&hilit=iron+ma ... =40#p11358
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Re: ZD30 Head Gasket

Post by Wilkie »

Hi Bruce
just read your post on cylinder head ,the problem I have picked up on a couple of engines I recond ,when the engineering company skims the cylinder head and cylinder block ,the result is not a smooth finish but a rough finish
and that in the olden days was ok because the gaskets weren't made of steel and beds nicely into the grooves,but with a steel gasket and stretch headbolts......it does not seal properly. so before you go and have the cylinder head crack tested
and all sorts ,check the finishing on both head and block. it has to be a smooth finish :mytwocents: :mytwocents:

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