Roll angle vs fuel starvation

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Roll angle vs fuel starvation

Post by AndriesS » 15 Jun 2015 11:28

Just out of interest sake , on our trip to Sodwana we pulled off on quiet a steep embankment, I would guess around 25-30 degree (left wheels below right wheels). We left the engine running , stretched legs, swapped drivers kicked the tyres etc and when I was all buckled up and ready to go when the engine died. We were just above 1/4 mark on the main tank . Maybe it was arrogance / gut feel but I switched on the sub tank transfer and within a minute I could start it. And luckily I did not have to prime it :biggrin: .

End of the day my view of it was that we had fuel starvation from the angle we parked . Does anybody know what the real angles vs starvation angles are, hit a 45 degree incline and running out of petrol cannot be fun .

Normally when we do our day outings I like to have a 3/4 tank plus sub ready .Most of the obstacles we do in these day trips are short lived and you power through the obstacle in seconds. Might be worthwhile knowledge for those overland/ long distance trips where you might need to top up from your jerry can before you tackle the next section to ensure you remain above the mark.

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Re: Roll angle vs fuel starvation

Post by Herrie » 15 Jun 2015 13:45

Die petrol pomp is meer in die regter kant van die tenk!

So as jy stop met die bestuurder se kant laer dan gaan jy nie weer hierdie probleem kry nie.
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Re: Roll angle vs fuel starvation

Post by Marino4x4 » 17 Jun 2015 09:26

The drawing is very simplified, but the petrol pump sits in a bit of a bowl on the right hand side of the tank. This assist when you drive up hills. When you stopped, the little bowl was emptied and the engine stopped due to fuel starvation.
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