Corrosion - at a known place

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Re: Corrosion - at a known place

Post by Clem » 22 Oct 2014 08:30

This stuff: Tectyl

Not sure where to find it now though.

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Re: Corrosion - at a known place

Post by stobi_de » 22 Oct 2014 12:08

Oha, "nice" picture.
In Germany we say, that you only see 10% of all the rust in the car. The rest is at hidden and invisible places.
I will not talk bad about the car, but I'm sure, that there is a lot more.
With wax you can not stop the existing rust, you can prevent rust in a new car.
Against existing rust you can only use chain-grease or the mix from technical petroleum yelly and 10% bee wax (and some products, which are not available in SA like Fluid Film). In Europe this mix is called PX-11. It is an old formula, which is used by the british army to prevend rust. It is similar to "mike Sanders grease", which ist the best known stuff against rust, I think, you don't get it in your country.
You have to make it hot and spray it with a pressure gun into the cavities of your car.
like that: ... 2ed685717f

Chain grease is not as useful as PX-11, but it is more simple to use, because available in aerosol cans. You need a 50cm long thin plasic pipe to bring it into the cavities (like that: ... 33963391cf)

Under the car and the rusty steele folds: Mix boiled Linseed oil this 50% terpentine. Spray for 2 or 3 times complete under the car, than cover it after one week drying with wax or bitumen. Please note, that all bitumen products get spongy after a while. So reuse the linseed-mix every 2 years, not the bitumen. If you use wax over the linseed-mix, dont't use the linseed mix over wax.

Unfortunately I can not send the stuff from germany, it is classified as a "dangerous good", with many costs of transport.


By the way: the tectyl products are not very good. Better than nothing, but very expensive.

Here are some tests of different paints (here my own test) - sorry, all in german: ... arbentest/

Wax and grease ... teil_1.pdf
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Re: Corrosion - at a known place

Post by ricster » 22 Oct 2014 12:18

Very interesting information !!!
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