Please tell us about yourself :-)
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Full Name: Francois Visser
Nickname: Vissie
Home Town: Gauteng
Current 4x4: 1995 Patrol
Home Language: afrikaans
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Post by Hulk » 19 Aug 2014 11:39

1. Name: Francois Visser (Hulk)

2. Birthday and Age: 1964-10-22 and 50

3. Town and Country of residence: Kempton Park RSA

4. Home Language: Afrikaans

5. Occupation/Business: Manager Motor Industry

6. Family status: Maried 1 Kid

7. Membership - Other 4X4 Clubs and Forums: 4x4 community, wild dogs KTM

8. Current 4x4: 1995 patrol

9. Current Mods: lexus v8 and auto box

10. Mods on wish list: window tint,roof rack,front and rear bumper and getting it geared out for adventures!

11. Vehicle on wish list: This one that I have is everything I wished for!

12. Previous 4x4's: None

13. Last 3 offroad or overland destinations: In Planning

14. Your favourite destination: Anything away from the city

15. Other hobbies: Bikes

16. GPSr and Map Data used: Garmin

17. Rate your 4X4 and overlanding experience: 0/10

18. Online Photo Site: To Follow

19. Photos of you and your Vehicle: to follow

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Tinus lotz
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Full Name: Tinus lotz
Nickname: Tinus lotz
Home Town: Centurion
Current 4x4: Nissan patrol 4.8 GRX 2005

Toyota 2.7 legend 35 LWB 4X4
Home Language: Afrikaans
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Re: Newby

Post by Tinus lotz » 19 Aug 2014 12:58

Welkom here .... :thumbup:
Please post a pic or two of your patrol here so we can have a look also

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Senior Member
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Full Name: Roland van Rooyen
Nickname: Roland
Home Town: Cape Town, Mamre
Current 4x4: 2000 Nissan Patrol 4.5 GRX
Home Language: Afrikaans
Location: Mamre, WC
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Re: Newby

Post by rvanrooyen » 19 Aug 2014 13:15


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Full Name: Kobus Pienaar
Nickname: Herrie
Home Town: Kempton Park
Current 4x4: 1999 Patrol 4500e GRX
1983 Datsun Safari
Home Language: Afrikaans
Location: Kempton Park
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Re: Newby

Post by Herrie » 19 Aug 2014 13:54

Welkom!! :salute: :salute:
Herrie op Safari/Patrollie
1983 Safari
1999 Patrol 4500 GRX

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Peter Connan
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Full Name: Peter Connan
Nickname: Piet
Home Town: Kempton Park
Current 4x4: 1996 Patrol 4.5SGL
Home Language: Afrikaans
Location: Kempton Park
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Re: Newby

Post by Peter Connan » 19 Aug 2014 16:24

Welome Francois

Is this Malcolm van Coller's old car?
Mag ons ons kenniskry met lekkerkry aanhoukry.

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Full Name: Stefan de Villiers
Nickname: Stefan
Home Town: Bothasig, Cape Town
Current 4x4: 2002 3.0 GL Patrol
Home Language: Afrikaans
Location: Cape Town
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Re: Newby

Post by Stefan » 21 Aug 2014 14:03

Welkom Francois

Etienne Gous
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Full Name: Etienne Gous
Nickname: Etienne
Home Town: Pretoria
Current 4x4: Nissan Patrol 4.8 GRX
Toyota Landcruiser
Home Language: Afrikaans
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Re: Newby

Post by Etienne Gous » 21 Aug 2014 21:54

Welkom Francois

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Full Name: Dirk de Clerk
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Current 4x4: Patrol GQ 4.2 ST
Home Language: Afrikaans/English
Location: Krugersdorp
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Re: Newby

Post by offroadbiker » 22 Aug 2014 07:04

Welkom aan nog 'n GQ eienaar :thumbup:
1996 Nissan Patrol 4.2 ST

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Full Name: LOWE
Nickname: MARC
Current 4x4: 2015 Navara 4X4
Home Language: ENGLISH
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Re: Newby

Post by BABELAAS » 25 Aug 2014 12:39

Hi Francois,
welcome and many happy K's with your Troll

2015 Navara 4X4

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Full Name: Michael
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Current 4x4: Patrol GU 4.2 Turbo Diesel
Home Language: Afrikaans
Location: Centurion, PTA
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Re: Newby

Post by Michael » 25 Aug 2014 14:43

Welkom hier Francois
"The Just shall live by Faith" Rom1:17

Check out my build here My Patrol
And my engine rebuild here mostly engine related stuff

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