ZD 30 DDTi Engine

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Gerhard dP
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ZD 30 DDTi Engine

Post by Gerhard dP » 11 Jan 2014 15:46

My 2001 Patrol 3.0 Diesel engine burnt a hole in a cylinder. I was told that factory rebuilt engines are available, but have since end Nov 2013 been unable to locate one. The rest of the vehicle is in very good condition. any suggestions?

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Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Re: ZD 30 DDTi Engine

Post by Jorrie » 11 Jan 2014 22:26

Talk to Alex Roux about his experience.
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Tinus lotz
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Re: ZD 30 DDTi Engine

Post by Tinus lotz » 11 Jan 2014 23:26

Sorry to hear about your motor ....keep it standard ....grootseun told me jap auto trading has patrol motors in stock for 12k complete but fit a madman this time it will look after the egts that makes the problems

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Kagiso II
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Re: ZD 30 DDTi Engine

Post by Kagiso II » 11 Jan 2014 23:28

Take the VIN number -- take it to NISSAN dealer -- they must verify if your engine was a recall [due to ECU programming error] and let them supply you with a new engine.

Hulle gaan probeer stry en wat nog .. sit voet neer en staan op jou regte
Vat alle bewyse wat jy het dat die kar gereeld deur Nissan gediens is - kry verklarings by vorige eienaars as jy kan.
[gee hulle net die afskrifte - hou die oorspronklikes]

As al die op nul uitloop -- doen jou enjin oor [koop al die parte by ALERT ENGINE SPARES [kerkstraat, pta wes -- regoor die skougronde] en kry n betroubare "engineering shop"
Vat die turbo na "Turbo Worx" -- hy sal ook oorgedoen moet word [daar is nou gagga deur sy keel]
012 653 7507

As jou enjin reg is, sit n RGT in
Freeflow die exhozt [as jy nie exhozt kry nie probeer exhaust :pray: ] en gooi daai cat converters UIT
Geniet dan daai Patrol vir wat hy is
[OF verkoop hom aan my vir tjiep -- dan maak 'k hom vir myself reg :-) :biggrin:

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Alex Roux
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Re: ZD 30 DDTi Engine

Post by Alex Roux » 12 Jan 2014 07:26


There are a few options here.
The Nissan faithful among us do not believe in all the options, but that is simply because not all solutions involve the Nissan badge.

Option a) Fix the ZD 30 as detailed by Oom Mac above
Option b) Replace with another Diesel, if so, preferably the Nissan 4.2.
Option c) Petrol conversion - Nissan (4.5 or 4.8, or one of the Infinity V8s.)
Option d) Petrol conversion - non-Nissan (most commonly Lexus in SA ad Chev in Australia)

What you end up doing will to an extent depend on your needs and budget.

Option (a) for me will only make sense if consumption is a big issue to you.
The ZD 30, in all honesty, has no other redeeming features.
But even if fixing it is done properly, and I challenge any of the Nissan faithful on this point, who do you know, who has experienced a hand grenade on the ZD 30, has ever trusted that engine to take them far and away from home and back again. I do not know of one such case!
I know of a post-grenaded fixed ZD 30 still running, sure. But the owner sold it shortly after fixing it.
That is no testimony by any means.

Option (b) - Are you a diesel head or a petrol head?
If you are content with 91 Kw, then you can follow this route.
The big diesel engine fans on this forum will be quick to highlight its virtues when driving rocks and mud.
It is a big easy engine, making certain terrains easy, but do not expect to race to the coast in record time. Not a dune driver either.
Consumption is generally better than the Petrol options, but not by much.
"Biggles" on this forum recently bought a hand grenaded Patrol converted to 4.2 TD. His consumption is on par with the petrol engines.

Option (c)
The 4.8 is a complex engine. Hence a complex conversion and not commonly performed.
The engine is also as scarce as hens’ teeth. So not practical
The 4.5 is more easily available and a simpler operation. But then you might as well pick up a 2001 4.5 model second hand for less than R100k.
The Infinity Nissan v8 engines is a worthwhile consideration. But the engines are not that readily available and parts even less so.

Option (d)
Lexus v8 conversion is the most common engine conversion in South Africa. There is a reason for that. They are cheap and they are exceptionally reliable. After market recon parts are dirt cheap.

The Nissan Faithful will be quick to refer to the failed or less successful conversions. Mine is not one of them. They are referring to botched jobs. Many mechanics claim to be able to do this. For a 4x4, the job has specific and different requirements. E.g. the space between the front diff and the sump is critical. You have to go with strong references when selecting the people who will do this for you. That I can give you.
Consumption is better than the 4.8 and 4.5, but admittedly not by much. The Patrol is still a heavy car.

Since my conversion I have been to all corners of this country, and drove a dozen 4x4 trails. I have driven the snow in Lesotho, dunes and other trails in the Southern Cape, dunes in the Kalahari and the Kruger. Besides the initial non-critical teething problems, I have not had a hitch. That is my testimony.

I have opted to stick with the Nissan gear box coupled with the Lexus engine. Some of the Nissan Faithful may tell you the gear ratios is not ideal for the Lexus. In my view it is all a matter of getting to know how to work with your car. The Lexus can easily give you too much power. So when driving rocks you need more finesse than what is required for a big easy engine like the 4.2 Diesel. But the torque curve of the Lexus is utterly smooth. You simply squeeze a little more on the pedal, and then just a little more torque will be given. That, in my view, makes it the ideal 4x4 engine.
The only obstacles on any of the trails around Gauteng that I have not succeeded in doing were ones that required front lockers.

There is a right and wrong of way of doing anything. The same applies to either fixing your ZD 30 or replacing it. It must be done right the first time.

The final big question I had to resolve for myself before deciding which option to follow, was whether I would be able to trust my car again after fixing it. For me, doing option (a), would have been a definite No. And non-one on this forum, or anywhere else, was in the position to have given me such a testimony.

Reliability should be your biggest criteria.

Good luck with your decision.
Skilpad & Shortie

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