Sub-Fuel Tank - Do I have an Issue?

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Mark B
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Sub-Fuel Tank - Do I have an Issue?

Post by Mark B » 24 Dec 2013 10:53

Hi Can anyone help? I have bought a Patrol directly from the the factory in Japan. In the order I also purchased, and got installed (in Japan) a 40 litre sub-fuel tank. Its now the December and I am planning a long trip to Kaokaland. On some parts of the trip I will need diesel - lots of diesel! I have now filled the sub-fuel tank for the first time - the tank level indicator gauge in the dash now shows that it is full. Nissan have also installed in the dash a sub-tank switch which has in in-built indicator light. However when I press the switch I here no "click" nor is there any other sign of engagement; the in-built switch indicator light does not come on. I check the fuse for the sub-fuel tank and it is intact. How worried should I be?
Mark B

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Re: Sub-Fuel Tank - Do I have an Issue?

Post by Herrie » 24 Dec 2013 11:42

You can only empty the sub-tank when the main tank is half empty because the sub-tank move the fuel to the main tank.
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Re: Sub-Fuel Tank - Do I have an Issue?

Post by JoshJ » 28 Dec 2013 08:11


Yes, there are a few conditions that needs to be met before the valve to the main tank will open. It must have enough space in main tank. If the car is at to much of an angle the valve won't open. You can find this info in your manual.

You don't hear any defenit noise to indicate transfer. Al that indicates is the light on the switch. And the transfer is sloww. The first time I used mine I thought it was broken. Then after about 10min. I saw the main tank level responding. It takes a good 30k's driviving to allow enough time for the the sub tank to empty itself.

I got my Patrol this year through NissanSA and it has a sub tank (35liter) main tank (90liter) it has 2 seperate filling places. 2 gauges in the instrument cluster. This is standard on patrol as far as I know.
Problem I'm having is that the car run out of diesel on a qauter tank. At just above qauter she dies. Ad feul and of you go. This wil hopefully be sorted via nissan early in the new year.
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