Rear diff lock

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Rear diff lock

Post by Tunja » 30 Apr 2013 14:37

Hmm trying to engage my diff lock.... is flashing on dash along with the ABS light.....before I go wading thru the forum and manuals is there any quick thing I can look at?
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Re: Rear diff lock

Post by Herrie » 30 Apr 2013 14:59

Swap the pipes on the diff and then the difflock will lock when it is swiched off - when the engine is running - just lift both rear wheels and turn the wheel and check that both wheels turn in the same direction.

Make sure that both pipes suck air - one suck air when it is switched off and the other sucks air when it is switched on. If one does not sucked air, the pipe is either blocked or the solenoid does not work. With mine the one pipe was blocked!
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Re: Rear diff lock

Post by ricster » 30 Apr 2013 16:01

Tunja, when you engaged the difflock, on mine I sometimes have to move softly and gently forward or backwards for as few meters before it clicks in. I think it depends on where the gears are sitting. if it still doesn't engage then check them pipes. I'm not sure if lifting only the back wheels and engaging the difflock will work. I think the difflock only works in 4H or 4L.... but may be wrong on this.

I also believe the ABS light will flash when difflock is on. difflock light will flash until it locks in place then will be on permanently.
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Re: Rear diff lock

Post by Alex Roux » 30 Apr 2013 19:18

Hi Ernest

A couple of points:
- On the GU like yours (unlike GQ), the diff lock only engages when you are in either 4H or 4L, and not 2H.
- The indicator switch shows if diff lock is engaged and may malfunction even of the locker itself works. This is a very common case among Patrols. The indicator switch gets sticky. You can unscrew it and clean it. I do mine often, then it works for a while and gets stuck again. However my locker works perfectly irrespective.
An easy way to check, if the car is not lifted in the air, is to move onto a dirt road or grass (I use my back garden). Activate the locker, then turn sharply to you right, you will find the inside rear wheel bites into the grass. This will irk swambo if you use the back garden like me.

It is a good idea to activate the 4x4 *H & L) and lockers every month or so, to make sure everything remains lubricated and in good using order.

Note also that if the difflock indicator switch does not work, the light tends to flash rather than burn constantly. However the ABS light shoudl alsoways flash when the locker is engaged since it warns you that the ABS is not working while locked.

Having said all that, in my view the factory spec diff lock activation system on the Patrol, working with vacuum pipes, is not the most robust system out there and a real mean combination is instead the Patrol drivetrain combined with ARB air lockers.
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Re: Rear diff lock

Post by caz » 30 Apr 2013 20:13

I also have a 98 4.5 and mine is also sluggish to engage. I found by weaving side to side while moving forward very slowly gets it to engage, with the window down you can hear the click as she goes in. I have an air locker on the front and am tempted to pay the 14K to do the back as well. Aparantly they should be used often. There is a speed sensor that prevents the lock engaging if the speed is over 10 kph . Also try reving the motor to increase the vacume as the engine spools down. Rgds

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Re: Rear diff lock

Post by NISMOnator » 23 May 2013 11:16

Hi Almal,

Vinnige vraag. Kan a mens jou diff lock engage in 4x4 HR of moet dit in LR gebeur? Kan a mens dit gebruik in HR? :helpsign:

Kan a mens dit in 2X4 HR ook lock vir a vinnige gebruik?

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Re: Rear diff lock

Post by Marino4x4 » 23 May 2013 11:26


Kan net in 4x4 HR en LR gebruik word. Glad nie in 2x4 nie. Jy kan dit in 2x4 probeer aansit, maar dit sal nie switch en inskop nie. Net die ou GQ/Y60 Patrols kan dit in 2x4 aansit.

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