Possible Cylinder Head Gasket Leak

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Re: Possible Cylinder Head Gasket Leak

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agents dont know that😄

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Re: Possible Cylinder Head Gasket Leak

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Sorry for the delayed update.

I checked the engine block today and its dry and I don't see any further oil leaks since the excess engine oil was drained.

Franz was on the money with his diagnosis of the issue :bravo:
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Re: Possible Cylinder Head Gasket Leak

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Re: Possible Cylinder Head Gasket Leak

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I can also add that when you find oil in the cooling system (radiator or exp bottle) then in most cases it is caused by a faulty eng oilcooler. Its very rare that head gasket puts oil in water, it can happen but it must be seriously damaged. Dont think you have to stress to much about head gasket.
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