Suggested tyre pressure

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Re: Suggested tyre pressure

Post by izakjbrt »

Oetie wrote:
12 Mar 2019 08:00
There appears to be no golden rule.... conclusion is to play around to see what suits you and the vehicle the best.

It felt as if the car was hard on the road, hence the pressure question, but then I think it could rather be the new bilstein shocks doing their thing. I must also add that I went from a Pathfinder to the Patrol and may have a skewed view on ride comfort.
I think the pathfinder has an ifs axle, the patrol has a live axle. So it will not be as comfortable as the pathfinder, but
It will also not break if someone sneezes near it. Ronnie Dahl did a cool comparison on his YouTube channel in regards with live and ifs axles
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Re: Suggested tyre pressure

Post by offroadbiker »

3 bar on tar.

But that 4.2 diesel is heavy in front and with the drawer sytem and fridges permanently in the back its always heavy.

Better fuel consumption on 3 bar for me
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Re: Suggested tyre pressure

Post by Peter Connan »

Live axles het baie meer "unsprung weight" as die Pathy. So hy gaan harder voel.
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Re: Suggested tyre pressure

Post by mvcoller »

I have always run all my vehicle tyres at 2.0 bar, irrespective of what it was, from my first car, a 1963 1200 Beetle to my super fast Alfetta 2.0 Turbo and on all my 4x4s. These are a Sani, a Terrano, 2.8 Safari, a 4.2 GQ (with 33 x 12.5 x 15s), later with a Lexus V8 fitted, my current Pathfinder and also my current 3.0 Di Y61 Patrol. This does not often happen on the Y61 though, as it is only used of safaris and camping trips, with only the odd weekend away to a lodge or visit family and the pressures at 2.0 bar.

The only exception was in my Alfa 155 V6, that was fitted with 205/40 x 17 tyres. The front tyres I pumped to 3.5 bar and the rear to 3.0 bar. That was only to ensure I did not write a tyre and a rim off in the pothole littered roads around South Africa. Those pressures ensured rapid centre wear and a life of only about 20,000km, but it was preferred to regularly writing off brand new tyres and fixing the mags when hitting even the smaller potholes....

On all these other vehicles, I have always had the tyres wear evenly, never where the shoulders or centres wore faster than the rest of the tyre.

Of course, when loaded, I run totally different pressures, maybe 2.5 bar in the rear (never more) and 2.2 or 2.3 bar on the front axle. Even the off-road trailer, I mostly run at 2.0 bar. On normal dirt roads (mainly travelled when loaded for a off-road trip) I would run the rears at 1.8 bar and the fronts at 1.6 bar and on sandy tracks in the Kalahari and Botswana parks, front at 1.0 bar and 1.2 at the rear. When I did Faces of the Namib with the GQ, I ran those 33's at 0.8 bar all around, but I did manage to de-bead one of them on that trip (5 days between Solitaire and the coast, ending in Walvisbaai).

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