Generator good brand

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Generator good brand

Post by Jules »

Hi almal, wat is n goeie generator om te kry vir huishouding, lyk of ons weer terug is in die dark ages

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Re: Generator good brand

Post by hugejp »

We often use the silent Honda inverter geny's on set for hours on end.

They work very well.

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Re: Generator good brand

Post by Tinus lotz »

Jules firman is sharp goeie waarde vir geld

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Re: Generator good brand

Post by mvcoller »

Get at least a 7.5 Kva unit. It can support most household items except the stove and geyser. I can even weld with my ancient oil-filled welder when its is load shedding time. I have the main house 2 cottages.

I bought one of those Chinese Honda copies and have been using it now for the past four years without an issue. I always refill the tank (25lt) and 20lt Jerry Can after running it for more than 3 hours at night. My tenants and the family know, if the power is out, the genny runs to 21h30 at the latest. I seldom run it for more than 1 hour at a time during daylight hours. It uses between 4 an 6 lt in a 3 to 4 hr period, depending on the load.

I have built a fairly soundproof room away from the house next to the lapa, with the exhaust (35mm pipe) going up through the roof. It does have two silicone pipe joints in it to take up the play between the vibrating genny and the solid brackets going through the roof.

On the main DB the cable from the genny goes into a 3 position rotary switch with "Mains", "Off" and "Gen" settings I also have an audible alarm with a flashing light that is connected to mains. This is turned on when the mains are off, so when mains do return, the light flashes and the buzzer makes a racket, so we know we can switch off the genny.

I have a 6mm cable from the genny to the main DB and that then also feeds the 4 sub DBs that are fed from there (as per normal from the main house DB). I have the main house, 2 cottages 3 garages/workshop areas and a lapa. We have a total of 5 fridges and luckily gas stoves, gas geyser for the house and a solar geyser for the outbuildings.

I also run the solar geyser on mains on a timer from 22h00 for one hour and again from 04h00 to 05h30 daily. In winter it does cool down substantially at night, and of course in summer we do have those rainy days when we just need to give it that extra little "bump-up". I do however turn the geyser's mains switch off in case it does switch on while the genny is running, as I know the geyser will overload the genny

All the above has to be done manually, the automated system is just too darned expensive. The genny does however have a manually activated electric starter and its own starting battery.

I did it all myself, with the exception of the rotary switch, which I got a sparky to do for me, in order that I could obtain a Certificate Of Compliance (mostly for insurance purposes).

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