1994 Nissan Patrol 4.2 SQL

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1994 Nissan Patrol 4.2 SQL

Post by paulhugo »

We have a 1994 Nissan Patrol 4.2 SQL Petrol (so it's the straight six not the 4.5i that launched just after) and has just under 300k on the clock. Actually love the car and have had it for the past 5 year but we now have a little one in the mix and prob another one coming in the next year or two so "Jasper" is standing and not doing what it does best... I'm the third owner and bought it from family friend who was the previous owner for the last 10 years or so. It's obv a manual too :-)

Some specs and points on the car:

- Seats have always had covers on so look amazing
- Dash have a couple of cracks from sun
- Has a brand new Willards battery
- I just had the alternator redone as it took a knock after our last trip to Bots and Namibia and as it stood in storage in Windhoek for almost a year there after.
- 3 Tires have +-50% life on them fourth new (previous spare)
- Brand new spare tire
- Extra 6th wheel without rim
- Full length roof rack
- Drawer System
- 6 Jerry cans & holders on roof
- Gas holder
- Spots
- Bullbar
- Extras bush kit with some fan belts, bearings, globes etc.
- Car has wiring for 2nd battery and fridge

Extras that can stay in/on or come off:

- Fridge slider
- Ezi Awn Rooftop Tent
- High Lift Jack
- Hi Lift Jack Mag clamp
- Flat Water tank to fit underneath rooftop tent

I have attached some images of Jasper for you to view should you still be in the market.

Niggles on the car:

- Awaiting part for electric rear window. The teeth on the window lifter bolt has perished so need to replace from window to open and close.
- Has air pockets in rear coil springs. The left plastic tube that leads to the pocket has a hole in so pocket deflates. Need to replace plastic tube.
- Water pump was redone in Namibia as they didn't have parts. Works as usual but will probably need to replace in the next year or two for ease of mind.
- Fuel pump pressure valve leaked oil so fixed in Botswana on a trip. Would also replace in future just for ease of mind over the longer period.

I don't have an amount fixed in my head, have seen these models go for a wide range between 80-130k depending on what is included, their condition etc. If you are interested let me know then we can chat some more and you can make me an offer. I am based in Pretoria but do travel for work so can bring the car through in the next couple of months if I need to head your way.
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Re: 1994 Nissan Patrol 4.2 SQL

Post by Errol J »

Good Day, my name is Errol, I live in midrand , currently looking at Y60 patrols, If your machine is still available i would love to have a look at it over a weekend, perhaps we can chat via whatsapp in the interim my number 0828987620 Thank you

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