Nissan Patrol 3.0TD 2005 model

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Alex Roux
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Re: Nissan Patrol 3.0TD 2005 model

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Russ Kellermann wrote:
24 May 2018 22:58
I would run a mile.
245 000km on a motor that is notoriiously poor on reliability, sjoe.

The only 3,0 I would entertain is the CRD variant.

Furthermore, what point is there in checking if the ECU was retro- set to local conditions , when there can be no telling what damage was done prior to that action.

The whole story , start to finish, on the ZD30, is diabolical ,and one that Nissan, as well as Nissan SA should have owned up to and remedied through refunds,new motors or indefinite warranty.

Just my opinion... I'm sure there are plenty of happy ZD30 owners out there who'd disagree.
Ditto, squared!

1) Models prior to 2005 - that's a no go area for me.
2) 2005 models were better, but still had issues.
3) 2006+ models had no hand grenades yet that I know of.
4) 2013+ CRD, mostly happy customers.
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Re: Nissan Patrol 3.0TD 2005 model

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I have a 2005 3.0D. The engine is lying in my shed after grenading a few times...
Now has a 4.2 in it. Loving it.
I would never, in good conscience, advise anyone to buy a 3.0 Di of any year...Mine cost me a fortune in repairs over the years, and more in missed opportunities to go places while it was on bricks...
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