New air intake plumbing for petrol GQ's

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New air intake plumbing for petrol GQ's

Post by Peter Connan » 19 Oct 2017 05:34

The petrol GQ's air intake sytem consists of an inlet box in the wheel-arch, a pre-filter in the left front corner of the engine bay and an air filter housing bolted to the top of the carb. Between the pre-filter and the filter are two sections of concertina-section plastic pipe, with a steel box between the sections. In colder climates, this steel box has a bypass valve and a second entrance, that draws hot air from above the exhaust manifold, but this feature is thankfully not fitted to our local cars.
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The issues with this system are that these plastic pipes become brittle with age, and are prone to damage. The filter element itself has also become pretty scarce, and the pre-filter is a huge airflow restriction. Because the shape of the ducting changes from round to square to oblong, it is quite difficult to replace the plastic bits without also doing the metalwork.

So between myself, Michael and Tinus, we hatched a plan:

Fit the stainless steel ZD30-replacement airbox where the pre-filter used to be. Then make up a new stainless steel carb cap, and a section of stainles pipe that bolts on where the old hot-air-mix box mounted.

The carb cap is designed to accomodate the vacuum hose for the altitude compensator, and also the little hot-idle valve from the old air cleaner and it's vacuum hose.

The components are connected with 76mm silicon hose.
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I have been using it for a few months now, including a trip to Aggeneys, Rosh Pinah and back. Fuel consumption is about the same, but it does seem as if the car has a bit more urge at the higher end of the rev range.

The system is available solely through Sojo Automotive.
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Re: New air intake plumbing for petrol GQ's

Post by Rudolph » 19 Oct 2017 08:48

Looks great! Well done.

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