Trip Report Part 2 - Savuti, Chobe, Kubu

Please share information about trips you have done
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Chris Skinner
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Re: Trip Report Part 2 - Savuti, Chobe, Kubu

Post by Chris Skinner »

Michael, in Namibia with that kind of range I do not think you will have a problem - we found petrol readily available. Peter and Russ could also add their opinion as they travelled more widely than me in Nam.
In Bots, there should also be no problems too - our longest stretch between fuel was from Maun to Kasane via Savuti and Linyanti - distance about 410 kms dirt road and some thick sand. The amount of fuel you need will be dependent on how much driving (game viewing) you will be doing in between Maun and Kasane. There probably is petrol at the border post at Ngoma bridge, but we did not go into the village to check, which will reduce that 410 kms by approx. 50. I also saw that they were busy constructing a new modern fuel stop in Kachikau, thus further reducing this distance.

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Alex Roux
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Re: Trip Report Part 2 - Savuti, Chobe, Kubu

Post by Alex Roux »

Michael wrote:Chris, what was the biggest stretch between filling stations?
I only have a 33L sub tank and two jerry's so my range is only about 1,100 on avarage.

I have 170 liter capacity in my v8. This gives me a theoretical range on tarmac of almost exactly 1000km. But I have not gove beyond 930.
Needless to say, driving off road, and how you drive off-road is a very different story.

in 2016 I took two jerry cans (in addition to the 170 liters below the body) and filled all up at Ruacana
Drove alongside the Kunene, down van Zyls, up to Camp Syncro, down via Orupempe, Purros and filled up again at Sesfontein (which is not always guaranteed to have fuel).
All in all, with some detours taken, this was between 850 and 900 km, comrising of dirt roads, lots of corrugated sand roads, sand and otherwise rocky 4x4 terrain.
In hindsight 4 Jerries instead of two would have been right for me, as I took on 40 liters from barrels along the way (I started to stress a bit about my range).

This is however one of the longest stretches of required range I know of in Southern Africa.
So two jerry cans may be sufficient for you, but personally I would have peace of mind with 4 in stead.

Now if you wish to venture into the Hartman valley (North and North-West of the Red and Blue barrels), then you will need a whole lot more fuel, as there is a whole lot of nothing out there.
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Wilfred Moore
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Re: Trip Report Part 2 - Savuti, Chobe, Kubu

Post by Wilfred Moore »

Hi Chris, looks like a great trip and great photos of Kubu. Truly a special place.
Next year, it's my turn, can't wait!!

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