Hallo iNyathi

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Kagiso II
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Patrolman 1000+
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Hallo iNyathi

Post by Kagiso II »

Most of you by know that we have taken the big leap .. BACK TO NISSAN PATROL... [and YES the Prado is for sale]

After the stint where iNyathi and I had to tow an Iveco bus all the way from Maputo to Nelspruit, we just started calling him iNyathi [the original "Dirty Harry" flew out the door and a second thought "Jock" [of the Bushveldt aka UMFUBU] also did not make the grade.. so iNyathi [die Buffel] it will be.
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by Herrie »

Baie geluk met jou "Buffel" Patrol. :thumbup:
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Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by Wilkie »

Baie nice Buffel trollies ...geluk man!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Senior Member
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by Picasso »

Cool ..... !!!

Has got the looks and attitude like those vehicles in the Mad Macx Movies .

May iNyathi take you to fare away destinations and back comfortably and safely.

Congratulations Oom Mac :thumbup:

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Abri Hoffman
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by Abri Hoffman »

Welcome back to the Patrol clan Oompie. The Prado was a good buy and is a nice car. You need something stronger than a car though :wink:
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by ChristoSlang »

Ek hou ook nogal van die swart teen die deure!
Christo (the snake man)
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Peter Connan
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by Peter Connan »

Ek het hom gister persoonlik onder oe gekry. Baie mooi kar!
Mag ons ons kenniskry met lekkerkry aanhoukry.

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Tinus lotz
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by Tinus lotz »

Nice oom bring laat ons n madman fit.....ek laaik hom stukkend :clap:

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Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by SJC »

Ek het die kar so in die verbygaan gesien op die schoemanskloof pad tussen nelspruit en machadodorp...so paar weke terug. :thumbup:

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Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

Post by ricster »

Great looking Patrol Oom Mac !!!!

And welcome to the big boy diesels.... hahahaha.... You can't beat cubic inches !!
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