Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

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Re: Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

Post by Stefan » 15 Apr 2016 12:18

If it was me, I'd rather go for a genuine (i.e. TD42) belt kit; because even if the emergency belt brings you home, you'll have to buy a replacement belt anyway. (The ZD30 only has 1 belt though)

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Re: Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

Post by Peter Connan » 15 Apr 2016 22:37

Ek het een van daai oranje goed onder my agtersitplek. Hoop egter ek het hom nooit nodig nie, want hy vul nie my gemoed met vertroue nie. Maar dalk werk hulle tog?

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Re: Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

Post by Michael » 28 Apr 2016 07:15

Sjo sykouse? Ek het ook al dit gehoor, maar ek weet darem nie of hulle die pyp sal kan rook nie.

Daai oranja ding is seker betee as niks, maar ek het nog nooit een in aksie gesien nie.

Ek ry maar met n stel van my ou belde in my toolboks
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Re: Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

Post by David M » 28 Apr 2016 14:42

I just kept the old belts from my last belt change and they are cable tied to the inner side of the chassis in case I ever need them.

When I change again next time I will replace them with the newer old ones.
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Re: Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

Post by ricster » 28 Apr 2016 15:46

Its called Patrol parts recylcing.... we stay green
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Re: Softroader trip to Bots and Vic Falls

Post by graham1 » 09 Aug 2016 07:45

ama-glug-glug wrote:
Once back I will definitely post a short report with some photos.
I'm sure there are folks out there with either limited time or funds- or both - who would like to do the easier trips first and I hope to help a bit with the report once done.
Did you ever manage to put a report together? Ide be very interested to read it.

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