Rear axle toe out???

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Rear axle toe out???

Post by gupster » 02 Mar 2014 14:17

Hi all.
I have a friend with a Toyota Prada who took his car to have the wheel alignment checked because of scuffing of the rear tyres. He was told that he needed to replace the rear diff casing because they were getting a toe out reading on the wheels and they felt it had to be bent as there should be no toe out, or toe in.
We then measured under the car from the forward part of the rim on the left rear wheel to the forward part of rim on the right. When we measured the rear part of the left rear wheel to the rear of the opposite wheel, we got a difference of almost a centimetre less, indicating that the garage was right.
The problem is that when we did the same exercise on my Patrol, there was also a difference although only half a centimetre. A further test on another Toyota also showed a tow out with a half centimetre difference.
I am hoping someone will shed some light on why a solid rear axle would have toe out, or explain to me why I am being doff with my measuring.
Many thanks.
Hi almal.
Ek het 'n vriend met 'n Toyota Prada wat sy motor geneem het om die wielsporing nagegaan gevolg van scuffing van die agterste bande . Hy is meegedeel dat hy nodig het om die agterste ewenaar omhulsel te vervang nie, want hulle was om 'n toon uit die lees van die wiele en hulle het gevoel dat dit moes gebuig word as daar geen toe uit in wees , of toon
Ons het toe gemeet onder die motor uit die vorentoe deel van die rand op die linker agterwiel na die vorentoe deel van die rand aan die regterkant. Wanneer ons die agterste deel van die linker agterwiel gemeet aan die agterkant van die teenoorgestelde wiel, ons het 'n verskil van bykans 'n sentimeter minder , wat aandui dat die motorhuis was reg.
Die probleem is dat wanneer ons het dieselfde oefening op my Patrol , was daar ook 'n verskil hoewel net die helfte van 'n sentimeter . 'N Verdere toets op 'n ander Toyota het ook 'n insleepdiens met 'n half sentimeter verskil .
Ek hoop dat iemand sal 'n bietjie lig werp op waarom 'n soliede agteras sou toe het nie, of vir my verduidelik waarom ek om Doff met my meet .
Baie dankie .
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Re: Rear axle tow out???

Post by Peter Connan » 02 Mar 2014 19:05

Difficult one. Firstly, that is a rather difficult measurement to make with a tape measure. There are many things in the way, and the rim doesn't have a particulrly good reference surface.

Also, you might be looking at a bent or dadly-mounted rim as well, and the measurement should be taken with the wheels in a variety of positions.

There may be some toe in or out on a live axle, but I have no idea how much is allowable.
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