Sound install turns into Drawers, dual battery full electrical Upgrade.

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Sound install turns into Drawers, dual battery full electrical Upgrade.

Post by mikezallem »

Howzit Everyone

Wanted to take some time and bring you all along for the journey I am about to embark on with my newly purchased Nissan patrol. Watch this space for updates and I will show you where I am and hopefully where I will be going. Pics to come as well, when I get the chance to take them.

Some history:
I have been completley obsessed with sound for most of my life, and as soon as I realised I could DIY install my own it was time to get to installing systems into my cars. Currently I have fully fitted every car I have owned with the largest systems I could, and helped friends and family do the same. Realistically I have 5 builds under my belt and hundreds of hours in researching into everything sound related.
The last sound build I did was in my Toyota Etios where I had a completley sleeper system, Unoticable from looking through the car but packing some serious heat... for an etios. Played around with Squeezing a 10inch sub into an etios and still having a fair sized boot was no small task.

Where we going:
This Patrol, is the last car I am going to buy, haha,
Maybe a daily runaround one day when I have put the 40's on it with the 200mm lift on it.
So because its never getting sold I want to make sure its done right and the last one.

Whats happened:
So I was originally going to just design a sub box, cut some wood, mount an amp or 2 and be one my way, but then while designing the subwoofer box and figuring out where the amps are going, this it has turned this job into a "I am going to do everything while I am here" p
I am putting in a sub box, why not incorporate it into a draw system... I am taking up the boot anyway. If I am running wires to the back why not put a dual battery setup in there... I am building draws in anyway. How am I going to charge the battery system on the camping trailer, Lets maybe throw a fuse box in there and some auxiliary outputs? What if I dont want to take the trailer and want to throw a matress in the car for a quick getaway. What about some creature comforts like phone chargers and lights...
Yeah we going deep.

So for now I know a couple things and that the To-Do's. I wont break these down into the
  • Finalise Design on the sub and draw system for the boot
    Final decisions on the components
    Wiring diagrams
    Spend all the money
    Install while taking all the photos
    post on line for the Patrol team

Its going to take some time but I am hoping by the end of 2023 we can be close to having these 1st mods finished. Bare with me as this is also my daily driver, so will be slow.
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Re: Sound install turns into Drawers, dual battery full electrical Upgrade.

Post by Alex Roux »

Hi Mike

Tell us more about your car?
Can you send pics.
Your details states you have a 2013 model that grenaded.
Was it fixed or replaced with something else?
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Re: Sound install turns into Drawers, dual battery full electrical Upgrade.

Post by ra_01 »

Enjoy the build and perhaps post some pics of the Patrol. I thought Nissan was only selling CRD since 2013.

Its a good idea to build your own sub box. I installed low profile active sub under passenger seat not satisfied at all. But I haven't got enough space in boot for a dedicated box.
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Re: Sound install turns into Drawers, dual battery full electrical Upgrade.

Post by Matewis »

Lookiing forward to this build as I have started my own drawer and Electric build.
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