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Forum Rules and Similar

Post by iandvl »

One of the things I've always liked being a "Patroller", is that apart from getting to drive a particularly awesome vehicle on a daily basis, the camaraderie and mutual support are actually awesome. I've called various people from Bots / Namibia / Swaziland with issues or questions before and have had nothing but awesome advice which - even in cases where I've been sitting with a non-functional vehicle - has allowed me to drive back home safely. In short, "Patrollers" are pretty much family to me. Yes - we're all individuals, and I reckon some of us could bash heads occasionally. Even so, I've got no specific issues with anybody on this platform and I have no vested interests in the argument that is going around.

I'm going to ask that if you have issues with other members on the Patrol Forum, you take it up with them directly. This is not the platform for it. You're welcome to post whatever you like elsewhere - I have no control over posts on FaceBook / Instagram / Twitter / the-anything-but-4x4-forum etc.

I'm pretty open about stuff - I do not like censorship and moderation. And I don't have the time to permanently sit and intervene in arbitrary posts. And should somebody end up getting annoyed and seeking a legal recourse, I definitely do not have the time to get dragged into that.

In short: I am not going to allow this sort of thing here. This is not the platform for it.

Apart from one or two scammers being able to slip through the woodwork, I've not banned or deleted anybody here yet. But the next post on this topic may change that.
Ian de Villiers

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Re: Forum Rules and Similar

Post by ricster »

I can only reiterate what has been mentioned above, and will support the decisions made by the Administrators of this Forum.
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Re: Forum Rules and Similar

Post by graham1 »

It’s a pity each forum picks up a doos along the way every now and then….

Thanks Ian. Agreed 100% with this.
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Re: Forum Rules and Similar

Post by Peter Connan »

A sad day.

Thanks Ian.
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Re: Forum Rules and Similar

Post by jakeslouw »

I obviously missed some fun. Ian, your free beer is getting warm

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