Tough Cover for a patrol

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Tough Cover for a patrol

Post by izakjbrt »


Anyone knows of a place (reputable) that sells tough car covers? My wife's patrol is just to big to fit in the garage of the house we are renting at the coast. There's lots of shade, but I still would like to cover it up when she's not using it. Just for peace of mind. Something that's water resistent and tough as well.
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Re: Tough Cover for a patrol

Post by Anthony Forgey »

Perhaps Jorrie can make something for you...
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Re: Tough Cover for a patrol

Post by roelf prinsloo »

Please be careful....Dust get in between the canvas and paint an you get more damage when the wind blows.It is like sandpaper.
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Re: Tough Cover for a patrol

Post by Rodney »

Yip - we also on the coast and have experience (not on the Trol thankfully) of bad paint damage caused by car cover in the wind. Not a good idea where there is wind. We also found that moisture was getting trapped between the cover and the vehicle - we think from dew rising or damp coming up between the paving.
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Re: Tough Cover for a patrol

Post by Spike »

On the coast you want to rinse the car with tap water often, preferably everyday, to flush the salt. Best leave it uncovered and go hose it down lightly once a day. I've lived about a km from the beach for the last few decades and rinsing often is my motto
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