Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

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Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by DeWetSwanepoel »

Never sure where to post things on the forum, but I hope this is the right place.

Last Saturday (31st of October 2020) me and my wife along with the help of her parents set course to relocate us in Port Elizabeth for work. I drove my TD42T SUV (Obelix) towing a small trailer, my father in law drove his TD42T Pick Up towing a 4 meter trailer and my wife and mother in law drove a Jeep. The plan was to drive in convoy from Pretoria to Graff Reinett on the Saturday and then the last of the long way down on Sunday. This will give us time to pack everything off the cars and still make it to work on Monday at 07:30.

What a great plan until Obelix's left front wheel bearing decided to collapse just outside of Pretoria. Given that it is a Saturday, the chances of being helped are slim to none. I phoned Tinus who I always turn to in times of crisis or even when I just need some advice. He told me I must phone around and look for some help while he does the same. I was on the phone for probably half an hour with no luck of help and not even Nissan had the parts in stock that I needed. Everything started to look bleak with no chance of getting the big guy on the road the same day. He phoned me back a bit later and said he got hold of Anthony who then found himself on a 4x4 route at John Rock. Without any hesitation, he agreed to help. He immediately drove from John Rock to David Volschenk's house, stripped a GQ's hub and went home to fix Obelix's "sore foot". He got to work and after making a few custom parts for the hub, got me back on the road by 16:20.

So this message just serves as a shout-out to Anthony from Ant's Custom Workshop for his willingness to help me in my time of need. He is really someone you can depend on and will not leave you out to dry. To this day I am still not sure what exactly it is he does, probably everything related to cars :thumbup: I just know that he is always willing to help, and his work is always top notch! Needless to say that Obelix got me safely to Port Elizabeth without any further incidents.

Thanks again Anthony for the superb service that you provide! It sure is one of a kind :bravo:
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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Tinus lotz »

Jip when i got hold of him he was busy with a 4x4 day ...ant you are a machine dude good honest customer service ..we love to have you as part of the patrol community
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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Jules »

Anthony is n Yster, welgedaan :bravo:

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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Jorrie »

Well done Anthony!
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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Hein4x4Crazy »

Well done Ant Always willing to help.
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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Jannie Vosser »


Dankie Anthony, jy was en is 'n vriend in nood!

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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Anthony Forgey »

I only saw this post now.

You're welcome De Wet.

Thank you also, Jannie, Jorrie, Tinus, & Jules for your positive comments.
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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by Russ Kellermann »

Well Done Anthony.
I flippen dig reading stories like this.
:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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Re: Ant's Custom Workshop......A+++++ Service!

Post by mvcoller »

That is how it works in families...... Well done Anthony....
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