2007 GU Pickup Rear Leaf-spring Shocks

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2007 GU Pickup Rear Leaf-spring Shocks

Post by Vatikaki »

Hi There Chaps

I am struggling to find rear shocks for my 2007 GU pickup. The PO put Gabriel Safari shocks in but to make them fit they are installed upside down. I cannot find any fitment place that has the correct shocks to install. SupaQuick tried Monroe shocks but they were too short (50mm). They eventually just replaced it with the same Gabriel Shocks upside down and the ride is still as hard. M bakkie rear shocks has a ring on top and a pin at the bottom.

Can anyone please suggest where to find shock that actually fit?



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Re: 2007 GU Pickup Rear Leaf-spring Shocks

Post by martyn »

Have a chat with Tinus, he knows the guy's at Bilstein, I'm sure he can help. Or maybe Marinus from Terrain Tamer.
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Re: 2007 GU Pickup Rear Leaf-spring Shocks

Post by Russ Kellermann »

Take them back to Super quick and get your money back. Cant run them inverted like that.
I've run TJM/XGS gold edition shocks in my Pickup for years and had extremely good service from them, still fully gassed and working well after years of hard use.

But, moving on, i would now order Bilstein shocks (Speak to Tnus and ask him to organize a set for you) , will be perfectly suited to your pickup , open and closed lengths are important so let them know if you running standard hight of lifted (if lifted, what lift).

The rear leafs on a Patrol are heavy duty from factory so dont expect a soft ride , as i'm sure you aware already. In fact, i've found that to dampen the ride enough to make it tolerable you actually need VERY firm shocks, otherwise the softer rebound shocks cannot cope with the spring rate of those leaf packs, unless you running with a little weight in the rear.
However, the ore weight you run, the more rebound damping you'll need, so it can be tricky to dial in the rear of these vehicles.

Marius (Terrain Tamer) can also supply patrol pickup shocks for you, as stated in an earlier post. :thumbup:
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Re: 2007 GU Pickup Rear Leaf-spring Shocks

Post by Peter Connan »

I don't think mounting a shock upside-down makes any difference, as long as the shaft isn't exposed.

That said, I think Bilstein currently offers a really good value proposition on the B6 shocks, as they can be serviced and repaired. That also means that the valving can be changed, although that could be a PITA to sort out from the cape...
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Re: 2007 GU Pickup Rear Leaf-spring Shocks

Post by Michael »

Currently no stock on Bilstein shocks. They are waiting for the tubes to be imported
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