My Dual Battery Setup - Help Please

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petri oosthuizen
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Re: My Dual Battery Setup - Help Please

Post by petri oosthuizen »

Must say, if I really REALLY have to change setup, this would be perfect...............

Especially because I MUST have a portable setup.

But ja, not the Bargain of the Century at R 8999............... :surprised:
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Peter Connan
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Re: My Dual Battery Setup - Help Please

Post by Peter Connan »

Craig Lord wrote:
01 Mar 2020 21:43
[Tinus] They dont work ...never seen it charge a battery more than 65% go off grid for 2 weeks and then we will talk again mabe if you drive al the time but they are just horrible imho
I have the utmost faith in my national luna box with the 25amp DC/DC charger and blue nova deep cycle battery. Charges it up from 30%to full in under 4 hour drive and with the solar panels connected during the day I have endless power. 2 fridges and multiple other 12v things no issues. I think it really depends on the battery you have. Lithium charges way faster than others.. :mytwocents:

Not knocking the brand. Knocking that particular product (being the solenoid-based charging system). When it was introduced (probably more than 25 years ago now), it was pretty much state-of-the-art.

But technology has moved on a lot since then. Especially battery technology.
The solenoid setup still works pretty much as well as it ever did, but it can't keep up with modern high-performance batteries.

National Luna as a brand make magnificent products. Well designed and robust. The system you are talking about, and the one Petri linked to is a new generation. I am sure it works a charm.
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