Finally brought her home...

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Finally brought her home...

Post by Africa_Trekker »

So I bought a ‘Trol about 3 weeks ago in Pretoria for a really great price. A 4.8GRX. Since I live in Windhoek I had some family take care of a few things for me such as a new suspension (OME), windshield, datadot, etc. I flew to Pretoria a week ago today, fitted an ARB bumper on Tuesday and handled all the export paperwork on Wednesday and Thursday. Drove through on Saturday and finalized registration in Namibia today. There’s a new Patrol in Namibia tonight...and one incredibly happy owner!

PS: My son dubbed it the “Paw Patrol”
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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by hugejp »


You CAN with a NISSAN!

Jy KAN met 'n DATSUN!

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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by Anthony Forgey »

Lekker man, Lekker
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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by Craig Lord »

:woo: hope you get lots of enjoyment from it !
When in doubt throttle out !

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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by XenoBlitz »

Nice looking Patrol you have there.

May the road be long.. and dirty.
The 4.5 Turbo

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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by offroadbiker »

Geniet hom :thumbup:
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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by ricster »

Very Very Nice !!!!!....... Congrats !!!! :blonde: :blonde:
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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by iandvl »

Awesome looking truck. Enjoy. :salute: :salute:

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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by Jules »

Baie geluk mag jy vele derduisende genotvolle kilometers ervaar met jou nuwe Lorrie

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Re: Finally brought her home...

Post by Dustin »

Congrats !
May you have many happy, care free miles in your new Troll :thumbup:
a.k.a. Datsun Dustin

View my Patrol's story here :

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