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Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 05 Sep 2019 08:10
by Jules
Morning All

Any comments or experience on the Pathfinder 2.5 Auto here on the forum, I have been offered a 2014 model and am considering it. Please note it will not be used for any serious off-road expeditions. Mainly to use as daily drive and also to go to places like Kgalagadi , Ponta etc with my Overlander off road trailer.

I want to know about reliability of the 2.5 engine. This vehicle has 128k on the clock and full Nissan service history from Somerset West Nissan

Any comments will be apreciated


Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 05 Sep 2019 15:43
by mvcoller
I have a 2.5 Pathfinder, 140kw 450nm torgue. It is light on fuel, enjoyable to drive and very releliabke. Mine has
186k km on, I know of guys with over 300k nearing 400k km on the clock and still going strong.

I also use mine as my daily drive and will not swap it for something else easily.

Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 05 Sep 2019 19:39
by Jules
Dankie Malcolm, ja ek het nog altyd van die Pathy gehou, enigste soft spot wat ek kan raaklees is dat die radiator erg laag sit.
Gaan dalk moet besluit tussen Patrol 3.0 CRD en n Pathy 2.5 as n replacement vir of my GQ of my vrou se Honda :biggrin:


Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 05 Sep 2019 20:08
by Jorrie
The Pathy is wonderful, but if that diesel engine breaks it is seriously expensive to fix. Very expensive as a mate of mine found out not so long ago!

Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 05 Sep 2019 22:32
by Jules
ja dit pla my ook, maar is enige diesel enjin maar nie n duur deng om te herstel nie? my een skoonseun se Prado V6 4.0 het so ruk terug probleme gegee en R40K later ry hy weer soos n nuwe lorrie, gelukkig het Frans hom onder hande gehad anders was dit dalk R60K met night verdere probleme

Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 06 Sep 2019 16:37
by mvcoller
This solves the Radiator issue. It is the first thing I did. Have had no problems... ... ofpad.html

If you get the Pathfinder, and you come up here, I can get you a good price, I am a agent/dealer for 4x4 Direct.

I would seriously look at the Pathfinder as opposed to the 3.0 Patrol, it is just a much better daily drive, nippy in traffic, easy to handle in town. I use mine as a platkar. The Patrol is great in the bush, not too bad on the open road, and a real dog in town. Also the Pathfinder will give you a 50% better fuel consumption.

I own both of those, I have no agendas, I know!!

I lifted my Pathfinder by about 100mm (maybe 120mm), fitted a front locker and 265/70 x 17 tyres, and it does not have to stand back for my Patrol, Its only problem it that it is a long vehicle, and can hang up due to break-over angles, but the lift solved 90% of that issue. I am not sorry I bought it. I had the GQ when I bought it, and found it a much better (more comfortable for the centre row of seat's passengers) and nicer to drive vehicle. And boy, is it fast if you need it to be!!!

What I really like is the "Auto" mode on the drive selector. That makes it a 2 WD when driving normally, but if it suddenly needs more traction, it automatically goes into 4 WD. The drive selections available are:
4 x 2 high
4 x 4 high
4 x 4 low

Front locker from, R4500 via card when I bought mine (price is dependent on the ZAR/US$ exchange rate), delivered in one week, R1900 duties, fitted for free by my mechanic during a service.

Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 06 Sep 2019 16:41
by mvcoller
Just as a matter on interest, you pick up those YD25 motors for just over R20k on the Navara Facebook page (one on there at the moment for R21k, complete, running. ... ater&ifg=1

R21,000 hy loop 100% - Jaun De Beer

Re: Pathfinder 2.5 Auto

Posted: 07 Sep 2019 18:37
by Michael
The YD25 engine is actually very reliable and thats why there are so many on the road. Its a brilliant engine and gives good fuel consumption.
As with any diesel engine, its not cheap to fix, but I would not say the parts are more expensive than other diesel engines.
I have personally rebuild many of those engines and mist failures were due to damaged radiators which lead to over heating or cracked cylinder heads