Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

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Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by Lunar » 24 May 2009 20:37

The Patrol is due for his 105 000 km service and because of the extended warranty, I need the book signed.
I would like to do it myself...
Who can I trust with my Patrol?
Who know the Patrols?
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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by ChristoSlang » 26 May 2009 00:29

I'd also love to know! Mine's out of warranty, so I do the normal servicing myself. But I'd like to plan ahead for those bigger things that require a more knowledge and/or expensive tools...

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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by Grant » 04 Jun 2009 17:04

Hi Gents,

Try SAC's . I have a 96 4.2D and have had only the best from SAC's Diesel in Centurion. Call Mynhaardt at 012 621 9060. He could assit you. ? Unfortunatly he only does the disel units.


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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by Abri Hoffman » 20 Aug 2009 22:47

Maybe a bit out of the way, however I was very suppries to see 5 GQ's at Maus. That must be half the GQ's running in PTA that were there to be serviced.
Apart from that there were also 4 GU's.

Worth a try, just out of the way.
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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by JG Shields » 24 Aug 2009 17:00

Het julle manne toe reggekom met 'n diensverskaffer in Pretoria? Ek sal graag wil weet. Ek het in die verlede redelik goeie diens by Toits gekry, maar toe sluit hulle deure. Voor- en na Toits het ek Global Nissan gebruik met rampsoedige gevolge...soveel so dat ek dit nie aanlyn kan deel nie. Ek sal nou maar vir Imperial ook 'n kans gee. Enige kommentaar daarop?
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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by BABELAAS » 02 Mar 2011 08:20

I recommend Atlantis Nissan in Centurion, I have used them for about 7 years, for my Double cab and the patrol. The service manager Bertus is hands on and keeps you informed.
They are obviously expensive as all dealerships are these days, but their work is good, I have never had a complaint. :clap:

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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by Kagiso II » 02 Mar 2011 11:48

My diesel Nissan [Agarob & Boezman] only goes to SAC Centurion and only Gerhard does the things bigger than oil change & greasing.
LOBO I last took to one of these "one owner" franchised service centres [can't even remember the name] - The service was O K but I have decided to change all my vehicles to BOSCH [because they are RMI and complaints & comebacks do get attention, not just a "brush off"]

In Centurion (WierdaPark - next to Pick-n-Pay is an "X-Tra Mile" which I have only heard good things of.
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Re: Where to service my Patrol in PTA?

Post by AndriesS » 02 Mar 2011 13:17

My biggest problem is how to trust any service center when it is more than plugs, oil and brake pads, more so when it comes to the detail work such as
Replace all oils in gearboxes with the correct oil - if I need to police this I might as well do it myself.
Change the grease in the front wheel bearings/kingpins and birfields.

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