GU Tow hitch wheel carrier

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Re: GU Tow hitch wheel carrier

Post by NoPressure »

offroadbiker wrote:
10 Dec 2019 11:35
IanT wrote:
10 Dec 2019 10:43
Ruan, it only attaches to the tow hitch (if memory serves correctly, using 4 bolts) I have some photos on my phone send me your cell number and I will whatapp them to you, sending to Nam not a problem we send our products up to Windhoek on a weekly bases
If Ruan is passing please let me know I might be interested...


I will have a look at the pictures, if it won't work I'm sure it's all yours :thumbup:

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Re: GU Tow hitch wheel carrier

Post by Peter Connan »

offroadbiker wrote:
10 Dec 2019 11:34
Peter Connan wrote:
09 Dec 2019 16:53
Personally I doubt it can be any more robust than the door mount.

Only difference is, if it breaks, it only breaks itself and hopefully not the car (assuming good mounting to the chassis.

Even most of the steel bumpers I have seen don't mount to the chassis well enough to fill me with confidence.

I would keep it where it is, or tie it to the roof rack (bad for the centre of gravity but good for the rear suspension).

If it mounts on the tow bar should it not be strong enough? tow bar is usually properly mounted.

I want to get the weight of the tire of the door and if I can do that without fitting an aftermarket rear bumper would it not be less weight then as well?
Tow bar should be well enough mounted as long as it's not the light-duty towbar often fitted to the facelift Y61's that mount only to the recovery point's bolts.

But the carrier itself will be difficult to make strong enough as you can't spread the load out.
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