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Post by Johann van den Berg » 20 Dec 2018 22:18

I think we are heading towards an issue with the agents. That might be debatable and exacerbated by individual expieriences of the products response from the agents. Just purely on statistics there are moer Cruisers around at a ratio of probably more than 1:10 at least.

That makes any recovery option a swayed bias in favour of LC even if it comes from a local farmer. Nissan just has not got that kind of footage...

I personaly think my sentiments are with the Nisssan product in terms of quality and endurance and not least the basic honesty of the product.

But the numbers are in Lc's favour. Nissan never really understood the grand product they had built. They always seemed to be happy to be a midfielder. They seem to have an extreme lack of killing instinct...

But that is their marketing woes..they seem to think that sticking to and working redundent technolgy is a better result financially.

But however...the Patrol 3.0 is a more sensical purchase still for the normal intents of commercial/industrial and leisure usages in my view,

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