REVIVE THE CLUB 2017 / 2018

Planning a get together (GTG), trip or competition?
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Re: REVIVE THE CLUB 2017 / 2018

Post by Overdrive » 05 Nov 2017 12:51

A few thoughts - my :mytwocents:
1. Who owns this forum? Who pays for it? Who does the maintenance? We used to have a Nissan website about 10 years ago run by that guy in Cape Town (I forget his name, Andre I think) and after some years when it crashed he couldn't restore it and that I think contributed to the decline of the club. It was an incredibly good forum with an amazing amount of useful information. So whether the NOROC is revived or not we need to think about protecting this site and when it crashes (these things all seem to do that sooner or later) will there be enough resources to repair it?

2. Training: the NOROC made a huge contribution to training. I certainly benefited a lot. I can remember participating in some really dodgy recoveries at Mahem on a Sunday afternoon - the kind that none of us will allow now because we have had some training. The problem with training is that as someone pointed out above, you need a constant flow of newbies to train. I think this NOROC "market" has more or less run out of newbies and this forum is catering more and more for older hands who want to push the envelope to the limit - look a the kinds of trips that attract interest - Baboons, river trip, more extreme one day trips etc. So you don't really need the club any more to provide training.

3. The NOROC organised some memorable touring type trips which I really enjoyed - I think of Witsand and a few to Lesotho - but there was less and less interest in those kinds of trips as time went on - I tried to organise one or two - there was zero interest. So NOROC does not offer anything for those of use that prefer those kinds of trips - we make other arrangements. I think its a pity, but too bad.

4. So from a business plan point of view, who is the "target market" for the NOROC these days? The more experienced drivers are into more extreme challenges and this forum meets their needs without any red tape. There is no stream of newbies because Nissan's product range are mostly soft roaders and they only sell about 1 or 2 patrols a month and they are getting softer and softer in the sense that they have lots more stuff that is not basic and that can go wrong and that is really expensive to repair- that means there is a dwindling supply of patrols that are suitable for off roading. On the other hand the days when the patrol was one of the very few really competent off-road vehicles are gone. The competition have improved their products a hell of a lot and at lower prices than Nissans. So there is less need to own a Nissan - less need to have a NOROC. In addition there is Grants point about other clubs being model based rather than Brand based which is a valid point.

So, sadly, from a bigger picture point of view there does not seem to be a "business case" for NOROC. Nevertheless I will support those that want to try and revive it. But I am not getting my hopes of success up. The historical window of opportunity for that kind of club seems to have come and maybe, now is gone.
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Re: REVIVE THE CLUB 2017 / 2018

Post by Tinus lotz » 05 Nov 2017 13:27

Rod John Boy owns this forum and Ian mantains it he did a big effort to upgrade it and will go live shortly
I hear your sediments and agree with most of them ....
My time with my family is limited and i dont get out nearly enough
There are people giving training for guys that want it for a fee and then people get a certificate ect....i will try and help were i can but not my thing ...
The thing that makes the forum work is the people that put their time and effort into it and that makes all the difference ....
Salute to John Boy every member that makes this forum work .....iam happy and proud to be part of it :thumbup: :mytwocents:

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Re: REVIVE THE CLUB 2017 / 2018

Post by iandvl » 05 Nov 2017 14:12

Not sure if I have types out my thoughts on this. But here they are in any case.

Despite the entire lack of commitment from NSA, I do have a soft spot for the club. It was where I first started offroading, and also where I was exposed, for the first time, to the vehicle that I now drive. Ie: My Patrol.

Because of that, I would like to see the club continue. I learnt a heck of a lot, and I met many absolutely awesome people. And I was comfortable with the club in general. But therein is the crux of the matter. Membership is down, the NOROC forum no longer runs. There are no trips. Etc.

As I have previously indicated, whilst I would love to join every trip arranged, this is not always possible - that whole thing about time and money. Whilst the club was operating well, I think I did my fair share.

In short: if the club continues, it would be great. And I would even actively assist (time permitting) in terms of things. My club sticker is still attached to my truck, and I wear my NORC cap mist days outdoors.

A proviser from my side though.I honestly want absolutely no (as in zero) involvement by Nissan SA. They had their opportunity. They blew it.

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