How to explain to my wife...

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How to explain to my wife...

Post by NoPressure » 13 Nov 2018 20:56

Hi all.
So, I'm a bit of a car, camp and diy enthusiast.
I joined this forum because I suddenly realised that I need a vehicle with solid axles front and rear with coils on each end in my life. It's dying out, and I realised that if I don't act fast (budget restricted) I am going to miss out on ever owning such a vehicle (again). I knew from the beginning I didn't want a toy...and after parking next to a GQ the other day, I experienced the need that led me here.

So from the get go I need advice on two things.
1) How to convince SWAMBO that this is a necessary purchase for a 3rd vehicle - actually it is our duty to our kids to buy a trol so they may experience what their friends might never.
2) What is realistic with regards to correlation between mileage on TB/TD /Di/CRD and reliability when looking at these vehicles. I am mechanically inclined, but I don't have access to a workshop and specialised tools. I would want to buy this vehicle with the hope to never sell it (I might be able to still drive for another 50 years). I love the GQ look, but know that 4.2 are hen's teeth. So for now I'm not picky on petrol/diesel. And by a quick scroll I realised the ZD30 pre 2005 were dangerous.

So the budget is the big question...if I had to buy now...100K, if could wait a year or two 360K.

Let me know if I should rather ask the above mentioned questions on another thread. :thumbup:

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Re: How to explain to my wife...

Post by Jules » 13 Nov 2018 21:51

Welkom Ruan, mag jy vele genot en kennis put uit hierdie forum.
The wifes loves to drive our Lorries because it makes them invinceable they believe
My GQ ry ek nou al 13jr en is nie een oomblik spyt ek het hom destyds gekoop nie, ek oorweeg egter of n 4.8 of 3.0 diesel as ek die regte een vir regte prys kan kry. I will only replace my Patrol with either another Patrol or a LC. Patrol grows on you like biltong,braaivleis en yskoue bier

Soos een van die forum manne n ruk terug opgemerk het aan een van die nuwe manne wat n Patrol gesoek het: “Wees rustig jou Patrol sal jou kry”

Enjoy the fellowship here and happy hunting!!!

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Re: How to explain to my wife...

Post by Peter Connan » 14 Nov 2018 05:13

Welcome Ruan

With regards to the first part of your question, it seems you already have better excuses than I do. I bought mine when I was still a bachelor.

With regard to the correlation between age and reliability: Firstly, on an old car there will be niggles. Little things that need to be fiddled with every once in a while.
But in terms of the major components, I believe maintenance is far more important than age. There is a guy here on the forum who's 4.2 diesel GQ has over 800 000 km under it's belt, with no major issues, then there are guys like me who had serious issues at less than 350 000km. But in every case I know of (other than the 3l), these serious issues can be traced back directly to poor maintenance and an unsympathetic owner.
Mag ons ons kenniskry met lekkerkry aanhoukry.

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Re: How to explain to my wife...

Post by XenoBlitz » 14 Nov 2018 07:35

Welcome to the forum Ruan.

In terms of your wife simply two words: Family vacations.
The Patrol will take your family to locations other vehicles cannot, it is spacious (lots of room for all her and children's baggage), extremely comfortable (as much as a solid axle 4x4 can be), reliable (as in you won't get stuck in Moz with a broken vehicle) and for the most part simple. If something does go wrong (which it probably won't) a simple "bush fix" will get you home most of the time.

In terms of your bank manager, four words: Overall cost of ownership.
The only thing expensive about the Patrol is the fuel consumption. For some obscure reason, the Patrol isn't particularly popular, but unlike highschool, this counts in your favor. You can buy a second hand Patrol for almost nothing, in good condition. The mileage on it won't matter, because as long as it is taken care of, it will last forever. Maintenance is relatively inexpensive, and because it isn't popular, no-one steals it so insurance is also very low. As a third vehicle it makes complete sense. If you won't be driving it every day, then the fuel bill won't matter, and if you drive less than 20 00 km per year, a second-hand Patrol's total cost of ownership will be less than buying a new dinky toy. (Yes you can do the math and trust me it's true.) In other words, you get a lot more car for a lot less money.

As for getting the right Patrol: with your current budget, I would strongly recommend you look at Fanus' (SJC) Patrol posted here on the forum. It is a relatively good vehicle for a very affordable price. However, if you want something with a little less km's and a little more oomph, you should just patiently look around for a 4.8 (GRX model preferred for the wife). There are many blokes with too much cash upgrading to the Y62, and every now and then one of these comes up for a good price.
Maybe PM Tinus. He is our expert on the forum when it comes to sourcing things others cannot.

Many happy trails.
May the road be long.. and dirty.
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Re: How to explain to my wife...

Post by ricster » 14 Nov 2018 08:05

Welcome to the Forum.... yeah...well..... basically everything all of the above people have said !!

I assume that a petrol will be the Patrol of choice for you up in Swakopmund, as generally one needs to spend a fair bit of money to get the diesels to play as well in the desert sand as the petrols do, but be that as it may, whatever patrol you get will not be sorry.
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