Reliability Issues with High Mileage ?

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Re: Reliability Issues with High Mileage ?

Post by Grootseun » 12 Apr 2012 09:54

Yes i agree with Peter , my post might have been misleading , The towbar and the bumper are two seperate components and the towbar is extremely strong , the bumper however survived ten years of town use , a lot of regular trails but was left in spares on Moegatle , and seen as im back there Sept im going the steel route now
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Re: Reliability Issues with High Mileage ?

Post by Grant » 12 Apr 2012 10:09

Peter Connan wrote:Again, my comment is that it depends very much on the use you intend putting the vehicle to.

The rear bumper will NOT fall off due to towing. The towbar is connected directly to the chassis, not to the bumper.

If you are using the vehicle for towing or even overlanding, you need not worry about the bumper.

However, if you start doing extreme trails, then when the departure angle runs out, you will rip off the bumper corners.

However, a good steel bumper is probably an asset in city traffic as well. So I am not saying don't fit one.

The bumpers failed on the easiest obstacles at Moegatle. They are not extreme. The first is tail lights dropping out. If I had a GU , a rear bumper would be first on the list.
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Re: Reliability Issues with High Mileage ?

Post by Peter Connan » 12 Apr 2012 14:04

Sure Grant, and me too.

But some Patrols have never even been on a trail, and some patrol owners don't intend ever doing one.

If you are only overlanding (where your biggest single concern is probably weight), why fit an additional 50kg of needless weight? The same goes if you just use it to tow your boat to the sea?

I still would fit one though, even if just for the taxis.
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