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Re: Fuel consumption...

Post by Adamastor » 03 Feb 2012 10:24

Elke sport het maar sy beserings Koos QQQ
2009 Nissan Patrol 4.8 GRX - soos sy van haar ma af kom...

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Re: Fuel consumption...

Post by Jorrie » 02 Oct 2012 22:11

We travelled from Pretoria to Kenton-on-Sea to Port Elizabeth (including Addo National Park) and back to Pretoria over the period 20 to 30 Sep 12. Saw lots of Kudu, Springbok and Springhare as we traveled mostly at night.
The roof rack was loaded with four ammo boxes. Fuel consumption was:
15.4 lt/100km Best
16.5 lt/100km average
20.1 lt/100km worst (whilst in the Addo National Park - 2nd and 3rd gear 4x2 all the way, no 4x4 required)
Average speed on the open road was 110km/hr.
Engine 4500E (M), AC running full time. 95 Octane fuel used throughout. 50 lt inboard water tank filled up.
Four persons, luggage, NL dual battery and NL Fridge on board.
Hankook AT 265/70/R16 tyres inflated to 2,5Bar front and rear.
Air temperatures ranged between -3 to +27 Deg C.
Trip down to the coast was heavier on fuel (16.5lt/100km) than the trip back to Pretoria (15.5lt/100km) which is interesting.
Regret that I forgot to take Tinus' fuel additive with. It is still in my garage. Will use it on the next trip which is to the Britz/Thabazimbe region in the middle of Oct 12.
It was very interesting to note how the fuel prices varied from town to town - almost by R1 per lt. :mytwocents:
4500 GRX

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