Richtersveld and Namakwa

Please share information about trips you have done
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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by Oetie »

Ian, than you for going through the trouble to write the report and put it together with photo's etc.

This indeed looked like an epic trip, one to be remembered for long for those that attended.

:goodpost: :coolphotos: :clap: :cheers:
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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by JohnBoyZA »

Thank you Ian, thoroughly enjoyed touring 'with' you guys :thumbup:

Great pics too....
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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by Peter Connan »

Thanks for a wonderful trip report to an area I really need to explore for myself!

Really excellent photos too.

Is it not rather difficult/dangerous to erect that dome tent on top of the vehicle? Seems like it could be a bit of a chore.
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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by iandvl »

Peter - that is my father's design. It consists of a frame tgat opens out to make a platform that is supported by the spare wheel swing arms. Is is very stable.

The dome tent was custom made (it is narrower than a conventional dome) and the feet of the poles fit tightly into receivers in the frame, after which it is strapped down.

Whilst it is not my cup of tea (I prefer my Front Runner RTT), it is surprisingly easy to set up, and rock solid.

I think my father spent as much on this project as a good second hand RTT would have cost, but he is a pensioner. And I am glad that he stays busy. :)

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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by Mal Hannes »

My reply seem to have disappeared.

Great report Ian.

I loved being reminded of all those special places. I have not been there since 2010.

Great trip to reset life. What a privilege to have your parents on a trip like that!

Very very good.

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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by Tinus lotz »

Iam next level jealous....really you guys went big

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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by hugejp »

Great trip & one of the best trip reports ever.

Its an area that I dont know that well, I may need to come chat to you if I plan a trip out that way!


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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by Digger »

Thank you for a great trip report, I myself still want to do the West Coast all the way into Cape Town.

Thank you
:goodpost: :coolphotos:


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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by offroadbiker »

Thanks Ian, think I must plan something like this in the near future.

I need to get out a bit more :oldtimer:
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Re: Richtersveld and Namakwa

Post by Chameleon »

Enjoyed many beers in Northern cape and have done thousands of kilometers there, but it's always good to see that very special place through someone else's eyes. Thanks for a very entertaining article

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