Trip Report - Namibia and Botswana

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Russ Kellermann
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Re: Trip Report - Namibia and Botswana

Post by Russ Kellermann » 11 Jul 2017 10:25

The track in to Kubu was hard on the vehicles. I had never in my life seen dust like this. Stepping out the vehicle your feet disappeared into dark baby powder. The amount of dust kicked up from the vehicle whilst driving was insane. almost looked like water when it hit the side windows and slid down.

We only saw one other vehicle on the way to Kubu,... a German couple in a European vehicle. We stopped and had a chat. They confirmed i was on the right track, but that it was extremely rutted out from the rains earlier, so the drive was going to be rough. I said goodbye and carried on.

Following a basic T4A route on my iphone, the track still disappears here and there and you kina just follow the most used track each time...

Finally, we there, crossing part of the pan and in the distance , Kubu appears.

We spoke to the keeper and she said that there was only 1 other site booked, and she was right. a small family who arrived after us and had the common sense to camp far away from us. (who wants to go all the way there to camp next to someone else!).

We did some exploring, and admired the ancient trees, it was a really special place.

That night was freezing, the wind came up and we huddled around a warm fire. I was reminded of how cold it can get this time of the year.
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The track out was long. Hard. And Rough. We hugged the fenceline on the left, before breaking out into the pan itself, (which was amazing of course)... but after a big drive, it got into dense bush. Ripped apart by the flooding and traffic that had obviously battled to get through, so now it was a mess of thousands upon thousands of tracks and ruts running around every bush in every direction.

We got lost a few times, but generally if you they all aiming for the same place in the end, so i went with it and eventually, after a long day of pin-striping the Patrols paintwork, we popped out.

We headed for Maun, where i had booked a place at Audi Camp.
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Re: Trip Report - Namibia and Botswana

Post by JohnBoyZA » 11 Jul 2017 12:57

Great pics Russ :thumbup:
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Re: Trip Report - Namibia and Botswana

Post by Peter Connan » 11 Jul 2017 13:44

Yes, excellent photos of Kubu, especially considering that they are phone pics!
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