Replacement alternator

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Re: Replacement alternator

Post by iandvl »

Spike wrote: 06 Jan 2022 07:56 I've got a suspect alternator sitting here waiting for a rebuild. If you do go ahead with another refurbishment please post info on part numbers and supplier etc. Thanks. Last time I did a search for parts for a rebuild it didn't seem economically viable and I bought a replacement unit from Ant instead
Thanks. After reading Wiets' post (dankie man), I think the bet would be to stick with what I have. So I'll get a refurbed one from Graham and put that in.

I'm curious though. I've tracked down most of the bits and pieces already, so when I've put a replacement in, I am tempted to do my own recon of the dodgy one.

I'll start a new thread when I get around to reconditioning it. :)
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Re: Replacement alternator

Post by ChristoSlang »

Some feedback on this, seeing that I'm the OP...

My big fat Delco Remy is gathering dust/rust after consuming bearings and/or voltage regulator at frequent intervals. Far from being easier to service, it was also a mission to source its bits & pieces. So, I bought a secondhand original alternator from a ZD30 from Michael Steyn some time ago. That one lasted a year or so & failed (regulator!) at the Patrol 70 Goerapan event. Thankfully Ant had a spare alternator, so I bought it from him and he fitted it in a jiffy.

Nobody could find a voltage regulator for the broken alternator, so I bought another completely new "original" alternator (from somewhere in the east, I presume?) rather than ordering a replacement regulator over the Internet that might not fit. The new alternator now lives under my seat, as per Anthony's example.

I now consider alternators to be service items. If any of them were to break, I'll just buy another cheapie to replace it...

PS: Ian, I replaced the bearings and impeller seals on my swimming pool pump this week because it also started whining. After reassembling all of it, the whine was still there! Turns out that the cooling fan on the back was slipping just enough to make a screeching noise :thumbdown: :redface: .
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