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Gas Cooker

Posted: 05 Aug 2019 14:38
by Oetie
Let's talk about using a gas cooker in/around the Patrol....

Why? I am planning a drawer system and have seen quite a few where the gas cooker is included in the system.

So the following questions comes to mind:
  • Do you use a cooker at all? I am o f the view it is really handy to quickly warm food up, or boil water for coffee or tea, especially in the morning and during the day.
  • Is a one plate cooker sufficient, or should one get one with two plates..??
  • Is your cooker permanently fixed, ie fixed to a drawer where it lives and work or only stored in a drawer and able to use say on a table under an awning?
A few st up photo's, as usual, will always be appreciated..... :gotpics:

Re: Gas Cooker

Posted: 05 Aug 2019 16:31
by IanT
My 5c Don't!! Takes up too much room in the draw system, rather have your gas bottle on the roof rack and when you need it take it down, screw on a cadac stove top and use that takes up next to no room to store

Re: Gas Cooker

Posted: 05 Aug 2019 17:06
by Peter Connan
I have a permanently-installed two-plate cooker in my trailer, where space is at less of a premium. I also dislike the idea of a gas bottle stored inside the car. I prefer to stick it on the roof.

In the Patrol, I use a Cadac Safari Chef. A nice kit that allows a lot of flexibility in a reasonably small package. I use mine with a 3kg bottle, and made up a pipe with a pneumatic fitting on the end. Pipe stays connected to the bottle, and lives in a canvas bag velcro'd to he side of the bottle. I just roll it out and plug it in to use. This way I can cook were convenient.

Having said that though, specifically for boiling water, some of the higher-end hiking equipment just makes any normal gas stove look a little bit stupid for speed and efficiency...

Re: Gas Cooker

Posted: 06 Aug 2019 06:57
by Tinus lotz
Safari chef for the win .....and gas on roof with long pipe and a cast iron 2 coil burner for the rest .....long pipe with quick couple works a charm just roll it up ontop of bottle with longer bag

Re: Gas Cooker

Posted: 06 Aug 2019 07:57
by Oetie
Tinus lotz wrote:
06 Aug 2019 06:57
...... cast iron 2 coil burner for the rest .....
Is this not a bit heavy?

Re: Gas Cooker

Posted: 06 Aug 2019 14:48
by Kagiso II
Oetie. Ek los deesdae my groot gasbottels tuis as die sleepwa nie saam gaan nie, en selfs as ek gasbottel het, gebruik ek liewer my ALVA en BUSH BABY gasstofies wat die "cannisters" gebruik.
WANT ek is meeste van die etens-en 'teetye' nie by my kampplek nie [uitreik doen dit aan mens] dan het ek twee stofies met hulle gas "cannisters" in die laai.
7 mense aandtetes EN twe keer koffie per dag hou die kannetjie my 'n 5 dae gemiddelsd [langer ook al, en korter .. hang af van die weer ook]
My gasbottel ry in die sleepwa want ek het nie plek op my dak nie [daar rus 'n Bundutop tent] EN my rug wil nie 'n No. 9 gasbottel so hoog optel nie.

Eksperimenteer oor tyd wat werk vir JOU .. want ons almal se koppe en voorkeure werk verskillend
oompie se Sjieling :oldtimer: :oldtimer: :biggrin:

Re: Gas Cooker

Posted: 06 Aug 2019 17:36
by Tinus lotz
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