Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by Jules »

How many km is a faces of Namibia trip ?
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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by Kagiso II »

We did Faces of the Namib in THOR a few years back [that photo won me the Patrol Photo competition too :biggrin: :biggrin: )

At the time we had the BUNDUTEC rooftent on, so it was just "press the button - and 40 seconds later you can climb in your bed
BUT .. a rooftent is NOT critical. Others in the group used ground tents -- URI adventures leaves ENOUGH time in their planning for pitching tents on arrival and breaking camp in the mornings --
If in winter, a tent is a MUSt .. minus 10 is fffffffrekkk koud bro.

If I could go again I would pick the warmer months and just take a bedroll.

Jules -- distance?? dunno, it takes 5 days
I took THOR with the tank filled at Solitaire plus 100 litres [two Jerry and a 60 litre plastic] -- I had 7 litres left in the tank on arrival in Walvis.
For the uninformed .. THOR is a 4,2 GQ.. 'n ROOIE
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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by biggles »

550km on thier web site
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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by JohnBoyZA »

I would leave the RTT. Very envious - would love to go back, enjoy!
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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by georgeb »

Good afternoon everybody

We did the Luderitz to Walvis Baai trip during September of last year (http://patrol4x4.co.za/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=6523).

Based on my experience I would recommend to use a ground based tent and not the RTT. We had an enormous amount of very strong winds last year and the kite for a RTT will simply not fly if you come across the same. With a ground based tent you can hide behind your vehicle but with RTT your are just exposed to especially strong winds.

Then when you hit those big play holes, the less you carry on top of your vehicle the better. When doing calculations for fuel planning, use 2.5km/l as a starting point through the desert. And remember, the 550km on the web site is the indicative distance for a "normal" touring group. When you start playing, the distance increases and the consumption significantly increases - but, the 2.5km/l caters for the latter as well.

I would recommend catering for 650km from Solitaire to Walvis Baai. Thus, 650/2.5 == 260 liters on board will be a safe margin. With my 4.8 that will be 135 in the tanks and 100 in Jerries.

Then, if you go with URI, the food is so good and so much you don't need to take a lot of snacks - just adequate liquid things....

Bottom line is - there is very little else that can "hou kers vas" with these desert trips - just go and enjoy - and remember, there is always someone with spare juice around...

Finally - have your shocks and especially your viscous fan checked before you depart - pap skokbrekers en 'n Patrol wat limp agv overheating is nie grappies in die sand nie....

Finally finally - when you have driven your big petrol machine into the rev limiter up those enormous dunes and you end up on top, bonnet open and let the machine run for at least 5 minutes to cool those big horses down adequately.

George Brittnell

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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by Faan »

Hi Chris, I might be a bit late but my advice is roof top tent - non-negotiable! I have been to the Namib 17 times. The Namib is somewhat unpredictable - just imagine trying to set up your ground tent in a sand storm. I have seen many men chasing their tents over the dunes. Let me guarantee you, this will be your first trip of many to come. One gets easily and seriously addicted to the desert. Just came back from my second Battle of the Dunes 4 days ago and are already jealous on your trip!
You can forget many things but never run out of Petrol (180 Lt extra) Whiskey and cigarettes (if you are a smoker). Enjoy! :thumbup:

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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Post by Chris Skinner »

Thanks again guys!
Thinking I will take the RTT anyway (and a ground tent too maybe.
So looking forward to the trip... now included Okavango detour for the return route :blonde: :blonde: :blonde: :biggrin: ... but still haven't pegged the itinerary...

Was also completely unaware that my neighbor and 5 of his buddies have booked exactly same trip as us.. to both our surprise found this out by mistake yesterday!

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