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Re: Front Runner Water Tank behind Rear Seats - GU

Post by Clem » 09 Feb 2018 10:01

Weet jy Tinus - the lower you can keep your centre of gravity, the better. There's a long story about my wife driving a 4wd with a loaded roofrack and how we nearly came to grief. The only heavy stuff I'll put on top is extra fuel jerries and a second spare wheel.
I see the Aussies make an 85l bladder that fits in that space for about $250. Looks ideal but of course they won't ship here, will they?

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Re: Front Runner Water Tank behind Rear Seats - GU

Post by DawidT » 09 Feb 2018 10:44

I have put my water tank behind the back seat. The seats are removed and I put a "loading platform" in. The option is still available to remove the platform and put the seats back. I would then only move the tank back slightly. You will see that I installed the tank on a wooden frame, this is done in order to still slide the LHS fridge slide out from underneath the tank. If the photos are too big, please let me know then I will edit it.
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Re: Front Runner Water Tank behind Rear Seats - GU

Post by mvcoller » 10 Feb 2018 18:10

I fitted a safe on the floor behind the rear seat in my Patrol. Then I made an angle iron frame (40 x 40 x 2mm) for the tank to fit in snugly and bolted it over the safe and to the frame of the self designed drawer system. I managed to do it so that I have enough space to for my h/l jack's head to fit in under the tank, the jack is semi dismantled.

That leaves everything placed so that the rear seats remain in place and can fold forward and back again. It does however mean that the seat can't recline beyond the first setting. I also fit the jack's ground plate (the big 250 x 300mm one) under the seat, as well as the wheel spanner and a fold down spade. The jack's stem (I had to cut it about 50mm shorter) lies on top of the safe's front edge and the jack handle lies from side to side in front of the safe underneath the seat in line with the rear edge of the seat squab.

You can see a bit of it here (post #9):

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