front runner wind fairing.

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front runner wind fairing.

Post by vanhack » 19 Apr 2015 09:08

Has anyone tried with success to reduce wind noise from a roof rack. My front runner has a the frontrunner wind deflector that mounts underneath, I was thinking a little more aerodynamic such as what is used by Yakima, thule racks/bars which is a angled wind fairing.

Thought about using some brackets that mount to the bottom of the rack with bolts, and a sheet of Perspex or aluminium to reduce the buffeting noise at 100km/h and above.

Y61 LWB Patrol TB48E, Auto

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Re: front runner wind fairing.

Post by JoshJ » 19 Apr 2015 09:47

My Diesel doesnt go fast enough to generate wind noise that exceeds the noise my muddies make :lol:

But I doubt it will remove all the noise. The full length rack on the Patrol is better than on my shortwheel base Pajero I had. The one on the Pajero did not go right up to the wind screen. Is stopped about 300mm from the edge of the roof line. And was above my head. That thing was very noisy even from 100km/h. And was not the frontrunner one it was a outback one.
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