Bash Plates

Bullbars, roof racks, suspensions and other accessories relating to vehicle performance
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Re: Bash Plates

Post by Peter Connan »

Gareth, R800 and R900 respectively.
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Mal Hannes
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Re: Bash Plates

Post by Mal Hannes »

Peter Connan wrote:
30 Aug 2020 09:48
Hannes, price for all three is R3 000.

Have you found the relevant threads?

If not, here is the diff guard: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3039&p=31916&hilit ... ard#p31916 (note that it has evolved slightly and is now a bit neater, although the same in terms of protection and how it fits).
And here (about half-way down the page) is the transfer case skidplate: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=1376&hilit=Transfer+case&start=60

As for the rock sliders, I don't understand your comments.

Firstly, they are designed to protrude far enough to stand on, although they are a bit high, especially on a lifted vehicle. However, I can offer this as a solution to that problem: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=8319&p=102933&hili ... er#p102933 (however note that nobody else has bought these yet, so you would be the guinea-pig).

I also don't understand the comment "this precludes me from lifting it". If you mean you can't lift the slider to fit it to the vehicle, well, it is pretty heavy and fitting them is effectively a two-man job, I have managed to fit a set on my own, using a trolley jack. A lot of hard words were spoken though.

If you mean having rock-sliders fitted prevents you from fitting a lift kit, well, not necessarily.
Most lift kits for live-axle vehicles like the Patrol are "suspension lifts". IE, they use longer or stiffer springs, or sometimes spacers between the springs and the chassis. These have no effect on any rock sliders.
The other method is a "body lift", which involves lifting the body away from the chassis using spacers on the body mounts. As far as I am concerned, this is a bad idea in most circumstances, as it gives no improvement in off-road performance and simply shifts the center of gravity higher. The only advantage (and as far as I am concerned the only viable reasons for) a body lift is to enable one to run larger tires than fit under the body (in the case of your car, 35" will fit without a body lift), or to make room for a non-standard engine. They also require custom bumpers, fan cowlings and so forth.
Furthermore, although a body lift does cause problems with chassis-mounted rock sliders, they don't affect my rock sliders as they are body mounted.

As for the advantage of body-mount vs chassis-mount, that is already discussed elsewhere on this forum and I don't want to sully this thread with that discussion.
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