Last of last......

Vehicle modifications/repairs/rebuilds
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Pieter du Toit
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Last of last......

Post by Pieter du Toit »

Hi All

Since my 4.2 conversion and everything else that came thereafter (the running hot problem) I have been talking about this......and eventually got around to get it done. for now.... I am done with doing modifications to my Patrol - and he is running as smoothly as can be.

I had the additional vents done and even though a little bit smaller than what I thought I am still 100% satisfied that it looks well and WORKS WELL!!! If you look at the Patrol it actually looks like it could have come like that - straight from his mamma. :thumbup: Thank you Dino at Burnco for a job well done!!! :clap:

Right side Air Duct

Same from the front...

Left side Air Duct

Same from the front...

And the complete bonnet.....

And with that it is fluit fluit my storie is uit......I am done with engine and external modifications!!

Now to decide on a drawer system or ai decisions decisions!!!! :lol:
Pieter du Toit
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Re: Last of last......

Post by Family_Dog »

Looks good, Pieter! :thumbup:


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JG Shields
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Re: Last of last......

Post by JG Shields »

Mooi man!!!
Patrol fan!

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Re: Last of last......

Post by Alanvs »

Looks good Pieter.
Buy my drawers if you want.
Need to get rid of them so that I can put my batteries somewhere.
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Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Last of last......

Post by G-MAN »

Ek smaak die posbus op die bonnet! :wink:
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SCUBA Patrol
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Re: Last of last......

Post by SCUBA Patrol »

Netjies gedoen Pieter.
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Chris Skinner
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Re: Last of last......

Post by Chris Skinner »

Looks good!
I assume the purpose is to create a suction to get hot air out of the engine compartment?

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Kagiso II
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Re: Last of last......

Post by Kagiso II »

Hmmm - een dinosaur met nostrils nogall... Lyk vicious Pieter, oompie laaik oor'e honnert - en Burnco het mooi gewerk dit lyk soos "reg"
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Tinus lotz
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Re: Last of last......

Post by Tinus lotz »

I like mods that looks as if it must be there!!! :salute: :salute:

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Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Last of last......

Post by ricster »

Pieter.... I was still having relatively high EGT's on my Maiden, and figured that due to the intercooler being on top of the motor, with a shhhhhhhhh load of heat from the motor and the turbo causing heat to be transferred to the I/C itself, I figured that I needed to get more air into the I/C to help get the heat transfer down. So I did a little mod on my existing scoop on the bonnet. and did a test run from JHB down to the Cape, then up to Kimberly, then to Bloemfontein, and back to JHB, with remarkable differences !!!! I seem to have the EGT's down by around 30 - 40 deg C..... :surprised: :surprised: :surprised:
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I wanted to use a Subaru scoop, as they have a huge mouth opening, but there isn't enough space on my bonnet.

Frans (Tour de Frans) might have a suggestion on this too ( Frans ek is jammer ek het jou ge mis daar in die Kaap.... tyt het net te vinnig weg ge haardloop)
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