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Re: 33's on my Patrol

Post by Alex Roux » 11 Mar 2018 12:55

I have used the tire guard system for the past two years.
An important tip, to ensure a longer life of this system, is to get steel valves.
The rubber vales allows the monitors to knock against the rim at high speeds shortening its life.

Also my control system displays are starting to go wonky. It consistently shows that it needs to be recharged when it does not.
Two of the six units I started with does not transmit to the control unit any ore. After only two years I assume that they have been damaged from hitting against the rim rather than flat batteries. However the four remaining ones still does its job though and helped me save a tire from shredding in the Karoo over this past December.

Personally I would ave expected the system to have lasted longer. But if I had steel valves that may have helped.
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