AT Tyre Test

What AT tyres do you rate, through experience?

Mickey Thompson
Bridgestone Dueler
Dunlop Grandtrek
Goodyear Wrangler
Pirelli Scorpion
Total votes: 114

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Kagiso II
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Re: AT Tyre Test

Post by Kagiso II » 24 Nov 2012 09:37

And as oppsed to Tinus - I am a firm believer that CROSS PLY tyres are for delivery trucks on tarred roads and the occasional gravel geskraapte pad roads.. NOT for PASSENGER Comfort

RADIAL PLY Tyres are for vehicles carrying passengers - and for SAFETY in terms of grip in wet and under braking conditions.

3-ply is a almost a cross ply tyre -- And it is a misconception that the tyre claimed to have 3-ply, have more layers of material . .it has NOT -- The layers in the other makes' tyres cannot be called PLY because it is not a steel layer. It is kevlar and teflon and other modern day materials that actually has 5 layers, of which 2 are steel belted [thus 2 ply]

Thus - the plenty-ply hype does not attract me - and as for "steek sidewalls', I go off road more than most. 80% of my "mileage" is in in wild & ruff. And I dont have a gesteekte sidewall every trip. In fact, two in more than 300 000 km and one 'blow out" .. and teh blow out was a BFG a/t.
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Louis Nel
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Re: AT Tyre Test

Post by Louis Nel » 03 Nov 2017 13:37

Was the General Grabber A/T not the best tire of the year in the SA 4x4 2012 magazine?

Pretty sure I remember something like that, think Hannes Grobler was the test driver aswell.
And they are cheap aswell compared to BF prices.
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Patrolman 1000+
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Re: AT Tyre Test

Post by IanT » 03 Nov 2017 14:06

Yes think you are correct the grabber did win. I have both, on my Disco 4 I have the grabbers and on my patrol the BF's think this was the best choice, the disco does not see much dirt but when it does they are 100% better than the HT that where on (3 punctures in one trip to durbs and back!!) Would I take then off road properly NO I leave that to the BF's have had that tyre on many of my vehicals for years and never had a problem :thumbup:

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Re: AT Tyre Test

Post by Michael » 03 Nov 2017 18:13

Well so far my General Grabbers are doing great. Even survived Baboons Pass with minimal damage and great performance
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Tinus lotz
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Re: AT Tyre Test

Post by Tinus lotz » 03 Nov 2017 19:41

Michael wrote:Well so far my General Grabbers are doing great. Even survived Baboons Pass with minimal damage and great performance
Dude jy het grabbers muddies ...dik verskil tussen daai en die at grabbers regtig

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