Remote control programming

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Re: Remote control programming

Post by BertJan » 14 Nov 2016 10:18

Guys, I bought two new remotes from Nissan Centurion last week and tried for a whole day to program them exactly according to these instructions above and the australian instructions. Only on day 2, I discovered with more research that all our patrols with the NATS system where it also says NATS on the key has a whole different programming sequence, same as the German ones. So here is that correct sequence that worked like a charm and I managed to program both my new remotes with this sequence on the first try. This is just if you replace the remote part and not the whole key with new blade as well.

The Central Door locking is controlled by the Multi-Remote Control system which controls
the door locking, door super locking and hazard reminder. When the doors are locked and
unlocked the unit flashes the hazard lights once for lock and twice for unlock.
A maximum of four remote controls are allowed to be programmed.
Ensure all the doors have been unlocked, either by using a good transponder key or remote
control key.

1. Turn the ignition switch from Position 0 to ON 6 times within 10 seconds.
2. Then turn ignition switch to OFF position. Leave key in ignition switch.
3. After 2 seconds, the system will enter programming mode and will flash the warning
lights twice.
4. Press and HOLD the unlock button on the remote key.
5. While pressing the unlock button, press the lock button 3 times.
6. Release the unlock button.
7. The warning lights will flash once to indicate successful programming.
8. Repeat procedure 4 to 7 for up to 4 key’s.
9. When completed turn ignition ON, and the warning lights will flash 2 times.
10. Remove key, and check all remote key’s for operation.

NOTE : The programming mode will stop when either the ignition is switch ON, 4 keys
have been programmed or no input signal either from the switch or remote keys has been received for 120 seconds.

No, the remote control operates the CDL & alarm systems so is independant from the immobiliser.
The immobiliser is controlled by way of a carbon transponder chip located in the plastic part of the key blade of which the remote control fits.


The NATS immobiliser unit, is normally mounted next to the ignition switch or behind the
fascia area. The unit is sometimes also fitted with a dongle unit, and is fitted on right hand drive European vehicles for extra security.

The NATS immobiliser controls signals to the Engine Control Module (ECM) which inhibit
On later systems there is also an input from the Audio system, which if disconnected inhibits the starting of the vehicle.

The security LED is normally mounted in the dashboard area and indicates the status of the system.
When a problem is detected, the LED will indicate the fault when the IGN is ON or in accessory position.

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Re: Remote control programming

Post by juice » 14 Nov 2016 12:18

Hi What did you pay for the remotes from nissan ?

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Re: Remote control programming

Post by Clem » 18 Dec 2017 17:37

On my 2013 GRX.

Get in car. Lock all doors with driver's door button. Key in and out ignition ten times quickly. Turn to on position. Press lock button. Switch off. Remove key. Unlock door with button. All works normally. No flashing lights anywhere in the process. Stupid owner's manual doesn't tell you about any of this after changing battery but the lock/ unlock won't work unless you do it after changing the battery.

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